The autumn parka, inspired by my Rosie

Brighton beach: Parka style

An impromptu post today. I haven't done many of these recently. They're usually too rambly and unplanned with heavy 'text to photo' ratio. But when I read other blogs I actually enjoy reading the 'rambling' posts more, so here's my take at one. Hope you've got a cuppa on the go.

Autumn is officially here, there's wet leaves as far as the eye can see, the paths are getting frosty, ankle boots are out and the chunky layers that hid at the back of wardrobes finally see daylight again. Best time of year! I've been waiting all summer for this.

After reading my main girl Rosie's newest post on her blog (Everything's Rosie) today, I was stunned. She's posted one of her first outfit posts on her (mainly beauty related) blog, and she looks amazing. Of course, her effortless chic style, girly tartan scarf and new cosy parka got me and lots of her readers excited for the cold times ahead that I thought I'd share my parka too. Rosie, I see your parka and I raise you mine, haha. Who knows, maybe we could start a "The Autumn Parka" chain of posts? If you have one, share yours too!

My parka is old now. That pic up there was from 2012 (if you're reading this Neil, can you BELIEVE how long ago this was?! Feels like yesterday) It's still my pride and joy as it was back then and in brilliant condition. It's all fur lined in the inside and the hood and is the perfect coat for those chilly mornings. Best £100 I ever spent in Topshop all those years ago ;)

I'm off for a weekend in York tomorrow, and I've heard t'north is always FREEZING so I'll be packing this bad boy and tell you all about my travels when I'm home next week.

Have a great weekend folks :)

Oh, and go follow Rosie!