Tea & Cake at... Stanmer House (and other 'knobby russet' affairs)

How lucky are we that the weather's looking better than it did in August?! At least, that was the case for my visit to Stanmer House a few weekends ago, and also for my sister's wedding a few days ago (photos to come!)

Of course, before I left the house to embark upon a short drive out Falmer way, I wrapped up in a scarf and two layers, anticipating (and looking forward to!) an autumnal breeze. Stepped outside and it was hotter than the Med, a concrete jungle. Typical.

Since Neil & I got the car, it's any excuse to drive out to the country. A few weekends gone, we took an impromptu trip to the fabulous Stanmer House, about a 15 min drive from where we are, initially wanting some tea and cake, but ended up getting a bit more than we bargained for...

lols, had to include it

As we excitedly pulled in to the lane leading up to stanmer village we saw a big fete-like sign, 'Apple Day this way!'. Yep, typically, the morning we chose to go for a quiet stroll and cuppa tea ended up timed perfectly with one of Stanmer's biggest events of the year. A congregation of families, stalls, ciders, organic produce in all its finery. We weren't displeased by the crowds. There was a lot of hilarity to be had. 

We started off in the orchard. Took some shots of as many inuendo apple tree names we clapped eyes on and rolled forth to the bulk of the action. There were morris dancers, songs, table tennis-athons, apple pressing, you name it. Twas like a day at The Shire :)

Stanmer house itself is a stunner both outside and in. I had a whale of a time walking round the old country 'period living' styled rooms - if you're ever looking for interior inspiration, just hit up a café or wedding venues like Stanmer House and you'll be sure to return with some enviable furniture ideas and a longing for a grand open fire. It made me so excited for Christmas, as hot as it were.

Sunglasses, Primark
Scarf, Primark
Dress, Zara
Clutch c/o Kaliko
Boots, Topshop

We suitably stocked up on scones and mdtea, and had to rush back home for a long awaited delivery of our new chesterfield sofa. I went from one stately home, to trying to create my own in the space of two hours :) it was a really lovely way to spend a Sunday morning though, although I still wished for that crispness in the air. I looked bloody ridiculous wrapped up all cosy with sunglasses on. 

Have you visited Stanmer House before? Were you in awe as I was? I'm constantly on the lookout for villages, tea shops and country walks to write about so if you're from Sussex and know somewhere close by, drop me a line :)