7 treats a lass can never say no to

1. Nobbly bobblys

I didn't even make up that name. When I see these bad boys on offer down the ice cream aisle in Tesco, my eyes dart towards them and I instantly salivate. My freezer is always full of them whether it's summer or winter, and they're the best things to high five with (just unwrap and before you take your first bite, 'cheers' with them'. I love you nobblys. Don't ever change.

2. Butterkist. Just everything Butterkist.

Sunday night is movie night at McGee mansions. Or rather, my pitiful excuse to buy a heap of Butterkist popcorn and get repetitive strain injury to the arm whilst staring at the TV putting popcorn to mouth, popcorn to mouth.

Try their new Salted Caramel flavour popcorn or Cinema Sweet and you will die a happy person.

3. Montezuma's giant chocolate buttons

Even with all of my lovely new furniture in the living room, the tripod floor lamp, the chesterfield sofa, my favourite possession is actually none of these. It's our glass jar full to the brim (well, not so much anymore) of Montezuma giant chocolate buttons. In every flavour; dark, milk and white. They make the perfect accompaniment to a glass of rioja.

4. Starbuck's KIDS hot chocolate

Am I crazy? Hear me out. Instead of buying the good ol' faithful 'tall signature hot choc with cream on top to go please', I try to cut costs and calories by opting for the kids version instead. It's like, half the size and half the cost. I just can't refrain from buying one every time I see a starbucks sign. My mind says yes, and my thighs say hell no. Life is so unfair.

5. Milky ways

This doesn't need any elaboration. You know what they are, and you know how moreish they are. Milky ways are a mood saver on Monday afternoons, post lunch, and when the hunger pangs start kicking in. Thank God for them  

6. Penn State Pretzels

Has anyone ever tried these? Specifically the sour, cream & chive flavour. I picked them up when they were on offer in Tesco once, and since haven't looked back. One time I ate a whole bag in 10 minutes. World record breaker.

7. Fox's Caffé Snaps

As soon as a new variant of biscuit hits the shelves, I'm the first one on it. And lord above these are quite something. The chocolate, encasing all the caramel, hangs over a buttery biscuit. Every bite epitomises guilty eating, and they're delectable with a coffee. SO GOOD.

Yep, as expected, I bought a pack of each of these for 'research purposes' prior to writing this blog post. The excuses are endless... and nothing lasted long enough for us to photograph.

What kind of junk food can you not say no to?

FYI absolutely none of this was sponsored, I just got a pang of excitement about sharing my greediness online. Hope you enjoyed.