A little bit about my heritage

Ring c/o Jewlr
Cup c/o Neil's mama & papa
Nails Rimmel 60 sec (shade 15)

Who else loves Barry's Tea? I shared a photo of my shiny new organised kitchen cupboards on twitter last weekend (that's about as fun as my virtual updates get) and I had a stream of comments high-fiving me for having a steady supply of Barry's Tea stashed in the corner. 

That's just one of many, many things I love about having an Irish background. Good ol' Barry's Tea, there's nothing like it.

I usually talk about mine and Neil's adventures around Brighton on here, but for a change I thought I'd divulge in my origins. I mean, c'mon, a name like Fifi McGee can't be anything else but Irish right?

images all by Neil

Although I was born and bred on these beautiful shores of Brighton, both my mama and papa are 100% Irish; they grew up in a wee village a few fields away from Co. Sligo, or if you're not familiar with Irish geography - the part where Westlife are from and where they videod 'coast to coast' #omgfandom.

We spent many a childhood running in and out of iron gate fields, bringing lambs into the house for feeding with a bottle, and - yes this really happened - giving shetland ponies a 'bath' with a garden hose whilst it ran in circles tied to the washing line. 

It's a truly fabulous and underrated country is Ireland, and feels like a second home for me. If you ever get the chance to visit, pack your bags and make haste to somewhere seriously rural. You'll never forget it. 

In fact, you'll spend a lot of time in country pubs, so perhaps you will

I've always had a love for Celtic jewellery, lettering and music, and I think this is in part down to my heritage. You rarely see me wearing any kind of jewellery that isn't either Celtic, or contains some level of sentimental value. Claddagh rings are especially dear to me, it's always been on my list of things to purchase whenever I head back to visit family in Ireland, but I always stock my suitcase full of Barry's Tea instead. Priorities yeah!

I'm so thrilled with the claddagh ring I picked up from Jewlr. This is a silver infinity claddagh ring, it has my birthstone, aquamarine, inside the heart and has been engraved personally for me. I'll let you try work out what it says from the image below. Good luck with that ;)

The Claddagh ring originated in Galway, not far from my home turf, during the 17th Century and traditionally represents love, loyalty & friendship. My ma always says that the way you wear it has meaning too. If you point the heart out towards your nails, you're looking for someone to give your heart to, and if you wear it the opposite way in, well, I'll let you put two and two together ;) 

There's nothing quite like that joyous feeling receiving jewellery that's sentimental to you and your heritage. 

I'd 100% recommend looking at Jewlr.co.uk if you're looking to buy sentimental or engraved jewellery for a loved one this Christmas or for birthdays. I was given credit to spend on this claddagh ring, and as soon as I saw they had a Celtic collection my heart leapt with joy! Their site is a dream to use, delivery was fast and presented beautifully, and most orders come with a free necklace which is pretty amazing. All opinions and recommendations my own, I was under no obligation to write this post.