How do you love to spend weekends?

Neil & I are a pretty busy twosome. When he's not shooting weddings (he's a Brighton wedding photographer dontyaknow) or working in his full time job, he's working on things for the house or making plans at the computer in his spare time and when I'm not running round at events or at the office in my day job, I'm spending all my time either blogging, tweeting or planning on the computer too :)

We don't get much time away from responsibilities & technology, but when we do it gives us a whole new perspective on life. I'll get onto that in a sec.

Before I begin, I love my life. Is it shameful that I just typed that? Eeek.

Without getting all deep on you, how lucky are we to be healthy, have healthy friends and families, be employed or at least not struggling for money, and living in a country where our possibilities and opportunities are only held back by our own thoughts, never our rights? We sometimes take for granted how lucky and happy we should feel, and it's so important to see the positive things alongside embracing the normal lower mood kinda days as total normality.

Lately I've been spending way too much time in front of the computer feeding all of my energy into a machine rather than building real relationships that matter, and at times that little voice in my head complains that I never have time to stand still and just do nothing.

I worry I'll end up missing out on memories, real life social happenings or that I'll be socially inept if I carry on depending on email to communicate rather than picking up the phone or arranging a coffee to meet people face to face. Does any one else get this too? It's like a fear that technology will swallow my life.

One way to strike a balance, I've found, is for Neil & I to make time either once a week, or once a fortnight (depending on t'weather!) to go explore a new walk in Sussex, or find a forest to get lost in. It's amazing the sites we see and the people we make *actual real life* eye contact with and say hello to crossing paths, or have a chat with people about their cute puppies (see pic evidence below) and which route will takes us where.

This is one of my favourite things to do at the mo, and one of the healthiest ways to spend a weekend. We come away with a weekly renewed perspective on life and it helps us thrive for our dream owning a little house in the countryside.

What I'm wearing: Jumper, Primark. Leggings, H&M. Rucksack, Primark. Scarf, Men's Primark (gotta love Primark) Converse, Schuh. Flask, Urban Outfitters. Watch, DKNY. Ring, Jewlr.