10 sites to look at if you're struggling with gift ideas

10 sites to look at if you're struggling with gift ideas

1. Oliver Bonas

If you're a regular around these parts you'll have heard how much I love Oliver Bonas. Their fab clothing, home furnishings and copper mirrors and frames will inspire you with ideas for mums, in-laws, sisters or girlfriends.

My pick under £20: This beautiful copper and glass frame. Fill with family photos for a loved one or pressed flowers for a colleague's secret santa prez.

10 sites to look at if you're struggling with gift ideas

2. Edited

Easily my favourite independent store in Brighton (and now, Tonbridge Wells!) I'm delighted Edited now stock a brilliant selection of gifts and interior dazzlers online too. Edited are my go-to place for eclectic presents and home buys. If you need to wow someone with a really individual gift, this is the place to look. Whether for the men in your life or contemporary fanatics, they have lots of options from clocks to cushions, to candles to blankets. They also do stunning christmas decorations to brighten up the festive season.

My pick under £20: I can't decide between the mixology glass candles (for the more romantic souls) or the sky planter (for defying gravity)

P.s, how cute do Edited wrap their gifts?!

10 sites to look at if you're struggling with gift ideas


How hard are men to buy for?! I struggle every Christmas, birthday and valentine's day. Lucky I don't have many men in my life, but I've got to say, ASOS is THE place to shop for boyfriends, brothers, dads and father-in-laws. ASOS make it so simple, and cheap too. If you're after some jokey books, hip flasks and other stocking fillers, hit this place up and buy your whole Christmas shopping in one clean swoop. Free delivery too, what's not to like? Check out all of their Christmas gifts for men. Great selection!

My pick under £20: This Gentleman's shoe shine kit looks so much more expensive but is a steal at £14.99. It makes the perfect gift for Grandfathers or papas.

10 sites to look at if you're struggling with gift ideas

We all know somebody in our life with a slight addiction to luxurious tea (accompanied by a thick slab of victoria sponge.) JING Tea have the most stunning glassware tea gift sets that make the most thoughtful gifts for friends, parents or couples to spend time together brewing up JING's finest blends. I recently wrote about how giving the gift of time (and tea!) is a really sentimental present. Go have a read and see the gorgeous tea set Carrie & I played with over a cup of Yunnan Gold.

My pick under £20: JING's top 10 gift sets make me go weak at the knees a bit. Wow. If your limit is £20 though, this walled glass cup makes a really lovely present paired with a mixture of tasty teas to try out. 

10 sites to look at if you're struggling with gift ideas


If you have anyone who's super house proud to buy for, step inside Folds! With a collection of handpicked products you'll be sure to find something for all the interior lovers in your life. I recently styled up their cosy fluffy cushions, which have made the BEST pillows to chill with watching Christmas films, and since then I can't get enough of their bespoke designs. 

My pick under £20: I simply can't choose just one. These cut glass smokey vases come in beautiful colours, and look much more expensive than £8.85! I also love these branch candle holders, these quirky glass candle stick holders and this fab geometric necklace, very ethnic chic.

10 sites to look at if you're struggling with gift ideas

6. Lindt

Need I say more? For me, Lindt is the ultimate Christmas chocolate, and the ONLY option if you're giving chocolate lovers a box all to themselves this Christmas. As soon as those lindt reindeers and bears make an appearance on the supermarket shelves, it's officially Christmas in my eyes (and yes, I had to massively refrain from opening and scoffing all 24 doors on my Lindt advent calendar.)

My pick under £20: It HAS to be my beloved Lindt Gold Reindeers & Fluffy Antler ears as modelled so lady-like in the photo above. If you're buying for children (or those who still act like they're in primary school, a la me) Lindt is the place to stop for stocking fillers and keeping the kids quiet on Xmas day.

10 sites to look at if you're struggling with gift ideas

I speak about HomeSense lots on this blog. I had a nosey around the Brighton store (for the fourth time in the same week) when the Brighton Bloggers came to hang out and eat mince pies and play christmas games there, and on my travels saw that just about everything was gift potential at incredible prices. Check on their site and locate the nearest HomeSense store to you then take a look at their throws, mirrors, clocks, frames, glass sets, plate sets... the list is endless and the ideas are limitless. You're sure to find something for all here. 

My pick under £20: I picked up very large, grand copper candlesticks to sit beside the fireplace at just £7.99 each. I will talk more about these in an upcoming post but they'd make a fantastic gift for someone who has just moved, looking to make a house feel like a home.

10 sites to look at if you're struggling with gift ideas

If it's sentimental gifts you're looking for, there's nothing more sentimental than personalised gifts with his or her name on it. I love this site because not only do they sell just about everything bespoke (from glasses to sweetie jars!) but it's a super reasonable price and speedy delivery too. This is another site where I could easily do ALL of my Christmas shopping in one go as it ticks a lot of boxes. If you're super organised and already done your shopping, make it that extra special by wrapping it all up in PERSONALISED WRAPPING PAPER! Um, wow. 

My pick under £20: This 'lean mean' beer tankard that can be personalised with your beer lover's name on it is epic! Gift him one of these and a crate of fine ales and he'll be nice and merry all the way until New Year.

10 sites to look at if you're struggling with gift ideas

9. Loaf!

Just their very home page will bring you out in a festive flurry. "Deck your halls with all things Loafy" makes me smile. Loaf provide some of the most visually stunning furniture and home accessories that are perfect for delighting somebody this Christmas. If you are looking for a statement console table or pouffe for your grandma to rest her feet, look no further than here.

My pick under £20: These Turkish Hammam towels are a lovely present for anyone with plans for travelling this year. You can't hit up beaches without a shiny new towel to show off, and when they whip it out they'll always think of you :)

10 sites to look at if you're struggling with gift ideas

Christmas is a time for all things white, snowy and cosy. Hello The White Company. This is the place for classy presents. If you know anyone with impossible taste to get right, I guarantee you'll find something here. Silky nightwear is a timeless and romantic gift for her, or effortless entertaining sets for the social butterflies. 

My pick under £20: These mercury vases (set of 2) are a statement of pure love. Pop some roses inside and surprise a loved one with them when you call to visit for Christmas lunch. They won't be disappointed :-)

I hope my list of favourite shops has inspired you with gift ideas. Let me know others in the comments below! There are still lots of people I have yet to buy for :)