A Christmas Eve tradition... Mini Gingerbread houses & hot chocolate

Yay. Tomorrow is the big day :) 

I thought I'd share a Christmas Eve tradition we do at Fifi mansions to celebrate the Eve of Christmas. 

Every year I attempt to bake a big gingerbread house. It ends up as smush before it reaches the oven, I start over again and end up having to make mini gingerbread houses instead. I'm not sure why every time I attempt bigger gingerbread houses they end up fallen or too crumbly to bake, but I'm just as content with these mini gingerbread houses to decorate your hot chocolate like a pro. 

I used Cake Time's recipe for this but halved the quantities and still got enough gingerbread to make about 8-10 bite sized houses and extras leftover for Christmassy cookies. 

When the Christmas tunes are on, there's a glass of red wine by your side, making these bad boys are messy but very very fun. If you aren't fully in the mood for festivities yet, commit yourself for a few hours and try making your own before the family call tomorrow. You'll have lots of creative fun :)

Making the royal icing to pack between the walls and glue the house together was a dream with these OXO icing bottles. They come in a pack of two with interchangeable icing nozzles which gave me more freedom decorating the houses in different colours with different icing looks. They're even compatible with Tala nozzles too. 

Other utensils that made this much easier:

Compact food scale - very small but does a nifty job for measuring icing, and amazing for space saving in my small flat.
Silicon spatula - heatproof too! No more melting my spatulas in saucepans. 

Thanks to OXO & Stork for providing me with the utensils to make these :)