5 alternative ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day

Cosy Valentine's Day with Lindt

1. Hibernate without missing out on the fine dining

Tis a cold month, is February, so spend the 14th hibernating with a generous supply of Lindt chocolates, your fave tv series and a whole load of tea or red wine - whatever your preference. Skip the stress of having to book a table a few weeks in advance of Valentine's day at your chosen restaurant and instead use apps like DineIn and Deliveroo to order straight from your favourite restaurant and get a delivery to your door. Who needs to dress up now, eh?

2. Go stargazing 

Neil & I's choice this year: Visit London's Royal Observatory and book yourselves in to hear lectures inside a beautiful planetarium. Learning about the universe, and watching CGI images of the stars is every bit as romantic as stargazing in a field somewhere, only not as weather dependent, hoorah. Failing this we'll drive out somewhere with less light pollution and see the stars in all their glory with a big flask of hot chocolate.

Alternative Valentine's Day with the Biscuiteers

3. Protest your undying love... WITH BISCUITS!

Flowers are so predictable these days. Beautiful, yes. But it's a little bit sad cutting 12 stunning roses from their stems just to pop them in a vase for a week. Either buy your other half a 'grow your own' rose bush, or get creative!

Nothing says I love you more than a personalised biscuit! The Biscuiteers have such a tasty selection of loved up biccies that will leave your boyfriend/girlfriend wowed (and stuffed!) for the rest of the day. Or better, surprise your loved one with a visit to the Biscuiteers Icing café and be schooled in best icing techniques! That'll be a memorable Valentine's day :)

Alternative Valentine's Day gift idea

4. Personalise a puzzle!

I thought this idea was so sweet. I spend much of my time trawling through Notonthehighstreet.com looking for gifts for family and friends and came across this. You can personalise a puzzle to include a map of where you first met, and carve out your own message. It would look so cute placed in a glass frame.

Cosy & alternative valentine's day

Cosy & alternative valentine's day

Cosy & alternative valentine's day with Lindt

5. Invite your besties over for a singles or couples gathering

Share the love with all your pals by organising a Valentine's soirée. Any excuse for a giant takeaway, experimenting with new cocktails, dressing the house up in red pom poms and generally having an ace time :)

Hope this gives you some ideas if you're struggling!

Thanks to Lindt & DineIn.co.uk for providing all the grub in my photos and making me one happy lady.