Who needs icing when you have posh chocolate spread!

Just a little trick I have to save time and effort making chocolate icing from scratch, and it works every bit as good. Use chocolate spread, or in this case "Lindt Crema Nocciola" - posh nutella! 

I baked a basic sponge x 2, let them cool down, used Lindt chocolate spread to combine the two cakes and smothered it in more on top, and hey presto! I had a fairly fancy cake to sprinkle with white chocolate stars in around 30 minutes. 

It turns out I'm not alone on the alternative uses of choccie spread either. After a google around, and a half hour on pinterest, I came up with a whole load of bloomin' amazing ways you can use up a tub of it in no time. Check out my ideas:

- wrap a chunky banana in a chocolate smothered pancake for 1 of your 5 a day

- bake a braided chocolate spread loaf - marble style - like this invention by Inspired by charm

- inject a shot of chocolate spread to your morning coffee and make it a mocha!

- heat up your chocolate spread in the microwave, take a bowl of fresh strawberries and pour the warm chocolate all over with a dusting of icing sugar for another healthy-ish snack (and a great way to wow on Valentine's Day)

The Lindt chocolate spread is definitely a cut above any other choccie spread I've ever tried, so if you're trying to impress, treat yourselves :) At just £5.99 a pot it would also make a fab addition to a homemade hamper, and just generally looks pretty in the cupboard. Who needs excuses.

Right, when can I get my hands on another jar!?

Thank you Lindt, for making me the happiest, most chocolate-filled lass in the world and gifting me this little jar of heaven. I love you.