It's just dawned on me. I'm happiest when in my wellies!

Our visit to Nymans, Sussex Style

This is in


, about a 20 minute drive from where we are in Brighton. Nymans is an idyllic, peaceful little place with stunning gardens, the dreamiest house and 360 views of the rolling Sussex hills.

We popped up there the weekend just gone, the sun blazing in the sky, warding off the frost as we clutched our travel mugs full of tea.

Neil and I were given a

National Trust

annual membership as an engagement present from my bezzy Jo and her family - possibly the best present we've ever been given, and so suited to us; we're always out and about exploring the best of the countryside around us. This was our first trip with it, and we spent the whole time waltzing around the gardens dreaming up a list of all the other places we want to visit in 2015, to share with you on here.

Our visit to Nymans, Sussex Style
Our visit to Nymans, Sussex Style
Our visit to Nymans, Sussex Style
Our visit to Nymans, Sussex Style
Our visit to Nymans, Sussex Style

Our time there got me thinking how excessively happy I am when I'm in wellies, with a brew in hand, relaxing in the great outdoors. An epiphany moment I think, where I realised if I'm ever feeling like life's giving me lemons, it's easy for me to switch off from it all if I just get outside.

Our visit to Nymans, Sussex Style

What is it that makes you happy? When you're feeling stressed about work, life, money, what is it that takes you away from it all? It's so important to find something that can instantly take you away from current worries, like your very own natural medication for the soul :)

Once you find that one thing that changes your mood instantly, use it as your weapon and pull it out of the bag every time you need a pick me up. It might be drawing, yoga, watching TED talks, baking, spending time with children, anything that makes you feel happier. 

For me, I'm instantly cheer up when wearing my wellies.

Posh Totty necklace
Posh Totty necklace

Like my new necklace by the way? It's a personalised silver chain with 'Fiona' engraved on the heart, and a small star charm with the letter 'N'. (I'll give you two guesses what that stands for!) I wore it to Nymans, and don't think I've taken it off since being given it.

My friends at

Posh Totty

gave me this necklace as a congratulatory engagement gift. It means


much to me. I only ever wear jewellery that has sentimentality - my ring & this necklace. 

I will talk a lot more about my friends at Posh Totty in upcoming posts. They are such a wonderful team of passionate lassies based in the same office building as me and I often head down for cups of tea, spending lunch hours chatting to them about blogging and jewellery making. It amazes me watching all of the stunning items they sell on their site being custom made right before my very eyes. 

It would mean the world to me & them if you paid their pages a wee visit, particularly if you're on the look out for birthday, wedding or valentine's day gifts in the coming months:





Everything they do inspires me. A great company to add to your little black book of lovely designs, and a delight to have in my news feed.

Photos all by Neil William Shaw, Brighton Wedding Photographer