7 ways I've made my life better this month (February edition)

Fifi McGee Brighton blogger

1. I've brought my spending down to £25 a week

It might sound ridiculously hard from the outset, but once you form a good food plan, start bringing in lunches to work, walk to and from where you need to be cutting transport fees, and steer clear of Topshop, £25 a week or £100 a month is totally doable. I found it hard at first but since buying a flat and having holidays and construction costs coming up, saving is my number 1 priority. If you're still living at home, you have no excuse - save at least half your earnings and you'll be laughing once you come to put a deposit down on a house. 

2. I take 20 mins every morning to map out my day

As one of those people who needs a strategy even for the simplest goals, I've started planning my days and weekends down to the hour. Yep, seriously. I get a pen and paper, list all the achievable things I need to do that day and write in a time slot for each. Easy. I can focus so much better on the tasks ahead when I do this, and can easily jump between job to job without leaving things half done. 

3. I'm better dressing my tech! 

I recently discovered the blog Design Love Fest who have a regular feature called 'Dress your tech'. They share a series of free downloadable pretty designs for your iPhone, iPad or mac wallpaper. I love them. Having a creative background on my phone is cuing lots of creative thinking for me. You should try it too, switch up your backgrounds with inspiring quotes and patterns, it could change your whole outlook in one day.

4. I'm learning aspects of HTML & CSS

Are you reading this on my blog or the Bloglovin' app? If it's the former you might have noticed my design has all dramatically changed in the last week. Fifi McGee has had a facelift! What you're looking at was the result of 7 hours solid concentration, photoshop work and HTML googling. I recently purchased the A Beautiful Mess Blog Design Love 2.0 class which delves into coding and brand building. I don't think I've made a better decision in my life than to start coding and learning basic design skills and I can thank the ABM course for giving me the head start. It's an amazing feeling seeing my ideas come to life. 

Ps, do you like my new design?

5. There's a strict vitamin regime on the cards people.

It must be the time of year - EVERYONE is ill. Colds and flus are everywhere (I have the sniffles as I type). Neil & I have been doing a lot of research into herbal remedies recently. We've tried a cocktail of Vitamin D, Echinacea, Vitamin B12 and Lion's mane, and up until now I've seen the big improvements in my mood, skin, hair and nails. Plenty more experimenting to come. 

6. Experimenting with different creative outputs... like VIDEO *oh my gahd say what*

It's ok, it's ok, I'm not trying to be another youtube celebrity ;) Back in last month's '7 ways I've made my life better' post, I told you all about my adult colouring book fascination. Well, so far the colouring is so fun I actually did a time lapse video of me colouring a picture from start to finish. It looked incredible, I was so proud of it. But in true fifi style, I just couldn't get the technology to work for me to upload it. It's a learning curve, and a work in progress. Stay tuned for the clip, I'm not giving up on technology that easy. If you've been umming and ahhing about starting a youtube channel, blog or experimenting with other outputs, delve in. It's great to learn.

7. We've planned some date nights

Contrary to number 1, given we're strict on saving at the mo, Neil & I have decided every second Friday of the month we're allowing ourselves a night off to get out into our beautiful city in Brighton and try out some new restaurants, cafés or pubs. We have a long list of places we want to go to and I'll be taking you with us, photographing and sharing our dates. Our first date night of many happened last week, go have a nosy.  It was so much fun, and will hopefully inspire you to head somewhere new with your nearest and dearest too.

Until March's edition, keep working towards your goals everyone! :)