Biscuits & Milk

Happy Valentine's Day one and all. If you haven't seen how I've celebrated, click here (the coolest thing I've ever had done.)

Neil & I had our Valentine's romances on Valentine's Eve this year. We wanted to beat the mad rush in restaurants because we're old like that. So we're celebrating with some home baked heart jammie dodgers I knocked together a few nights ago. 

I found the recipe for these on Borrowed Light's mouthwatering blog after a casual Pinterest stalk (originally featured on Rock My Style) and they're deceivingly easy and quick to put a batch together. 

As you'll probably notice, I improvised when I realised my heart shaped cookie cutter went AWOL. I had to freehand it, but you could carve any shape you like out of the centre; your boyfriend's initials, stars, anchors or festive shapes, whatever shape depending on the season. 

I concur with Catherine, you can't beat the smell of simmering jam.

Hope you're all having a great day :)

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