How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

If you think you haven't got the design eye to create the bedroom of your dreams, think again. 

If you can copy, you can create. 

Everyone covets the 'fresh from pinterest' look in their homes and I'm about to show you how easy it is to create, or copy. The thing is, nothing is original. Ideas are born through being inspired by other people's work (and ideas). And interior looks are no different, great ideas or trends are really a juxtaposition of existing concepts. 

You can create your dream room in 3 easy steps, okay it'll take a lot of time, money and effort preceding these 3 actions, but if you get this part nailed you'll be well on your way to a pinspiring home (see what I did there?)

1. Decide which room it is you'd like to decorate or spruce up

2. Spend a little while scrolling through pinterest (or wherever you find your home inspiration in fact) and pick just ONE photo that best suits the space you're changing and the look you want to achieve. 

3. Copy, copy, copy. 

Take the top photo for example. It's the first photo I found on my pinterest travels and if I was a teenage girl again, it would be my dream bedroom. Here's how I'd style it up to create a similar, more 'fifi' look. 

First of all I'd split each of the main themes of the photo into categories. In this instance, the bed is a major focal point in the room, as is the shelving, and then the bedside tables. If I get these 3 right, my room should end up looking pretty similar. The beauty of this, is that the room won't end up identical, I'll put my own stamp on it just by shopping elsewhere. 

Now the fun part. Shopping!

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

The bed

Depending on what your bed looks like you could choose to spray paint your current metal bed frame a nice ivory colour and buy new finials for the posts, or if your bed is in need of an upgrade anyway visit an online bed store like Bedzrus who have super reasonable frames to choose from with that nu-vintage look.

When choosing bedding, consider colour schemes within the image. For this room I'd go as close to browns, baby pinks, champagne golds and off-whites as possible, and layer up on textures. Mix fur with thick knits, patterns and crisp linen. 

Similar bed dressing I'd buy to recreate this look:

Cream fur throw, £30 BHS or Mink fur throw £49.99 Dunelm Mill
Egyptian cotton duvet cover in Blossom, from £35 M&S
Regency Mink cushion, £25 Habitat for Homebase
Herringbone blanket, £10 Primark
Fur cushion cover, £12.99 H&M
Pair of symphony cushion covers, £15 Very

Collectively this could be unaffordable, but the great thing is that once you have a photo and clear vision to work with, you can recreate the look by collecting pieces as and when you save up.

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

The shelving

If I wanted to go all out, I'd buy similar wallpaper and make the wall behind the bed an 'accent' wall leaving the rest of the room neutral. I'd opt for this stunning Elveden Laura Ashley print that would suit the colour scheme and not detract from the whole look. It's all about subtle colours. 

The room pictured has style elements that would be a total fuss to recreate, panelled shelving, although it looks nice, there's a much cheaper way to create the shelving above the bed. In fact, it's an ikea hack. Once the wallpaper is on, measure the height of the bed frame and just above it, fix some picture ledges or simple white freestanding shelves you can get for between £7-£15 in Ikea. 

Following this, I'd head straight for Not On The High Street to find suitable decorative bits to pop on top. I'd choose meaningful quotes or art, or even black and white framed photos of friends and family. 

Some things I'd buy to jazz up the shelving:

2 or 3 bottle vases in various sizes, from £12 Not On The High Street
Artificial pink roses, £9.95 Not On The High Street
Dream Big embroidery hoop, £22.68 Etsy
Wooden mirror with 3 hanging hearts, £28 Not On The High Street
Tea cup candle, £12 Etsy

How to fake your way to designing a pinterest-style bedroom

The bedside tables 

Matching is the way forward. After a little google around, (oh Loaf, how I love you) do pretty much the exact same style dressers. Their Mimi bedside tables are £195 each and are a beautiful brown shade that pulls the room together.

I'd decorate the bedside tables with double apperture copper frames, £16  Oliver Bonas and a vintage pink and white reading light, £32 Etsy.

As for the rest of the room, like the carpet, pouf and basket, depending on the flooring of the room I'm styling, I'd buy a large mink or cream rug to sit under the bed and stretch towards the edges of the room. If you had wooden flooring, you could think about painting the floorboards white which would really bring the room to life. There's a similar pouf on Wayfair's site (another favourite of mine) and wicker baskets can be picked up everywhere online. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it's inspired you to start styling your home. I'd love to see some pics if you do!

Credits // Photo by House to Home, Post in collaboration with Bedzrus (content all 100% original)