Collecting pine cones at Sheffield Park

I sense a pattern forming. Last week I showed you Nymans, this week it's Sheffield Park in Uckfield. Safe to say our National Trust annual membership is already proving fruitful and it's not even warm weather yet (and any excuse to get my wellies out again!).

It's been such a lovely weekend. Cold, but wonderful. Just outside Haywards Heath and about a 40 min spin from us in Brighton/Hove is Sheffield Park. We paid a visit this Saturday morning just gone. 

The gardens are a horticultural work of art, with 4 lakes, paths through woodland, ducks, wildlife, a beautiful cricket ground dating back to the war times, some of the biggest trees in the UK and a welcoming, warm tea room serving delicious home made sausage rolls. 

We arrived at Sheffield Park Garden at about 10am, had a quick cup of tea, set off on our walks and didn't arrive back to the car until at least 1.30pm, and I doubt we saw half of the stunning parkland in that time. You could easily make a day of it here. Children are welcome to climb the trees, and in warmer weather you could find a spot for a picnic without a soul walking past.

This place is beautiful even in the height of winter, when colour is non-existent and the trees are bare. I can't wait to visit again in Spring or Summer when flowers are in full bloom, or Autumn when the leaves are changing. 

I hope you like the photographs Neil took. We'll definitely be heading back here soon to photograph the gardens in every season :)

Thinking of visiting soon? Bring bread! The ducks didn't appreciate us photographing them having no food for them in return. Cute little things. 

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Fifi's wearing:

Parka - Topshop
Jumper dress - River Island
Scarf - Primark
Wellies - Hunters (bought these in sale from Urban Outfitters many years ago)
Satchel - Beyond Retro