Affordable ways I'm updating my bedding for Spring

Spring bedding interior looks

I've got three main bedding looks I'll be alternating for a Spring feel.  

1. A crisp, grey palette with accent patterns for a minimal look (and Lindt chocolate bunnies to jazz it up, ha!)
2. Something a little more retro (and unusual for me) to give a focal point to the room.
3. And a spring green, brushed cotton gingham for a floral, girly look. 

We've not lived in our flat in Hove for long, less than a year, so we haven't yet got round to decorating every room the way we want it. In fact, we've just (kinda) finished the living room so we're slowly but surely piecing ideas together for how we want to decorate our bedroom next. Hoping to share some of our ideas on here in coming weeks with before and after pictures :)

For now though, I switch up looks by changing the bedding. I guess it's a temporary way for me to make an unfinished space look more appealing, and doing this buys me some time to think about how I want it to look once we redecorate. I can also experiment with colours and soft furnishings to see what works. 

Anyway, I found some really impressive and affordable bedding options to fulfil my 3 spring looks I want to achieve, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Spring bedding interior looks

 1. Crisp greys & accent patterned pillows

I've always loved the minimal look for bedrooms. My dream pinterest bedroom would be filled with grey textured duvets, white furry blankets and earthy tones for a clean backdrop to floral cushions. 

The bedding above is my failsafe, it's the same I've had for a while. M&S stripe duvet set with aztec pillowcases from Primark (a bargainous £3 for a pair) and my favourite herringbone blanket - I love Primark for the odd interior find. 

It's light, airy and perfect for Spring. But for the times I want a bit more colour, I'll opt for the following two.

Spring bedding interior looks

Spring bedding interior looks

2. Warmer hues & a retro vibe

I'll let you have three guesses where this bedding set is from. The colours resemble the trend Anthropologie are going for this season (burnt orange, duck egg & navy blues) yet this set is a fraction of the cost. 

It's straight from Aldi's new 'Specialbuys' Bedroom range (in stores 12th March while stock lasts). At just £12.99, it's a lot cheaper than the bedding I've bought in M&S (above) and Home Sense (below) and arguably looks the nicest of the three. What do you think?

To introduce yet more colour, I've popped on a purple fitted sheet, also from Aldi's specialbuys range (just £4.99) - I feel like the first look is so bland in comparison, but it's great to have versatility. 

I plan to purchase some round and rectangle orange and blue cushions to sit by the pillows.

Spring bedding interior looks

Spring bedding interior looks

3. Gingham & pastels

This final bedding set, I LOVE. It comes with it's imperfections though, but I've been on the lookout for a small gingham checked brushed cotton bedding set for so long now, and when I found this in Home Sense (it's actually by Helena Springfield) I knew it had to be mine. 

The set came without pillows, so I had to purchase a pack separately. I stupidly thought there were 2 pillows in one pack, got home only to find there was just one in each, now I'm devastated to have 2 mismatched pillows, but I guess you can tell whose side is who's. I'll forever be on the hunt for the matching pair.

Helena Springfield bedding sets tend to be around the £45 mark for just the duvet cover, but in Home Sense I got this for £24.99 and each pillowcase £2.99 each. Bargains. I love this bedding so much. It really doesn't wash well though, it's slightly bobbly on the reverse, and even when I iron it it still looks creased. 

So as a round up, if you're looking to update your bedding on the cheap for Spring, I'd say:

- First head to Primark. Pick up some patterned pillowcases in pastel colours, and cushions!
- Secondly consider bright statement sheets, Aldi's range are even cheaper than Primark's.
- And lastly, look around for reduced brushed cotton sets. Home Sense is the best for luxury items at reduced prices, but if you're more of an online shopper, I recently discovered good quality bedding from Yorkshire Linen that are super cute and affordable. 

Hopefully next time I blog about my bedroom, I'll be able to tell you some of the concrete plans we have to brighten up the space. 

Can't wait :)

Credits: Photography all mine, post in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen (content 100% original)