Attention Brighton beauty people!

Nail art in Brighton

New salon alert! I bombarded my friend's and family's whatsapp feeds not long ago with images of my beautiful, and totally handcrafted nail art. What do you think? Aren't they super fun?

Poppie Sharman, fellow Brightoner and nail art aficionado invited me in to her new salon, SHE-NAIL in Brighton for a valentine's day manicure, and not one to shy away from being pampered ahead of a 5 star valentine's meal, I snapped up the opportunity. 

I'm not kidding, it must have been the funnest lunch hour I've ever had. Yes the rain was pouring outside, but chatting with Poppy about her travels and passion for nail art had me both amazed and in hysterics (serendipity caught us when we both realised we went to school together AND had the same ex-boyfriend! What are the chances - there were laughs all round.)

Nail art in Brighton

Poppie told me all about how her inspiring start in the nail business. Her passion for nail art was born through friendship when she was first given nail pens from her best friend as a gift, and what was once a hobby quickly turned into a highly successful career for her. She travelled the world working with nail art legends WAH nails, painting celebrities talons for shoots. How cool is that huh?

With a wealth of creativity and experience behind her, she has now just launched her own salon on Queens Road in Brighton. I know what you're thinking, finally professional nail art is on the high street. I'm so glad too. There aren't a lot of places in Brighton that do such a bespoke service. Turn up with a vision for art on your nails, and Poppie creates it.

IDEA: If you're stuck on Mother's day ideas like the rest of us, how about taking you and your mum off to a salon to get your nails done together? 

Prices start at £15

Or call to book: 07572 383 722 

Lots of pamper and nail art times ahead, I can't wait to book in again.

Credits: Photography by Neil William Shaw // Experience c/o SHE-NAIL