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Brighton wedding and engagement shoots ››

The single best way to mark your engagement? 

Having a couples photo shoot. 

You'll have stunning images to remember the happiest days of your life, and not only that, if you're super creative and plan ahead, you can get professional shots taken to wow people on your wedding invites. 

With my fiancé Neil being a Brighton based professional wedding photographer, we're both passionate about documenting our engagement (and in fact, our whole lives!) through photography. We've already pencilled in a weekend where we'll take ourselves off somewhere beautiful and meaningful to us, camera remote in hand, and photograph just the two of us during one of many happy times together. To share with friends, family and/or on my blog, we're not sure yet, but I can't wait to have an album of photos to mark our engagement.

Brighton wedding and engagement shoots ››

If you're engaged and up for a shoot in Sussex, Neil is offering 5 engagement shoots totally free. We really want to give people the gift of stunning images that they can keep for life as a thanks for following our story so far. 

So go ahead and visit neilwilliamshaw.co.uk for more information, or apply right here
Closes Thursday 30th April, so hurry and get your application in :)