Copper interior = Perfect

My little blogging cat Sally is to blame for this one. I'm head over heels for copper. Like a magpie adorning it's nest, if I see even the slightest glimpse of copper in a shop I'm ready to pounce. A recent copper haul saw me carting home a stunning round mirror from Oliver Bonas. A pair of regal, copper candlesticks from Home Sense. And a cute copper salt and pepper two-some for the table. 

I spend a lot of my time trawling the interwebs for cute finds for the home, and when Sally sent a link for me to check out Mur Lifestyle on twitter not long ago, I fell in love at one click. 
I thought I'd share their shop with you today. They don't have a massive selection of products since (I think) they've just started out. But everything they sell, I want. And they have a cute story to tell. 
Visit for a slice of interior inspiration.
P.s, I've been in no way endorsed for this post. Just genuine love people. Just genuine love. 
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