7 ways I've made life better this month | April edition

Errr, where did April go? It'll be summer before we know it. 

This month's been crazy. Neil & I have made huge progress with house plans, bedroom makeover plans have been actioned and we're collaborating on a cool new blog which Neil will reveal on here really soon. 

So here are 7 ways I've made life better this month.

If you're puzzled and you don't know what I'm harping on about, start from the beginning and read the whole series. Go on, they'll inspire you (I hope).

1. Plaster work is a-go!

We live in a flat in Hove that was built circa 1890. It's got a lot of character, but as with all old buildings, it's noticeably tired in places. Our bedroom walls are patchy, rough and have cracks all over from the years of repairs and frame hanging gone wrong. This month we managed to save enough to cover the cost of the whole room re-skimmed with plaster so it'll look smooth and well finished like the rest of the flat. I can't wait to start plotting colour ideas and get painting. 

2. Chilling out in cafés

I thought I had a caffeine allergy, whenever I drank coffee I got palpitations. But now I've drank enough tea to build up a resistance that I think coffee is back on the cards for Fifi. This made me SO excited that I spent a lot of April hanging in the Flour Pot Bakery cafe in Brighton and in meetings at Small Batch in Hove, for my daily fix. And for the days I worked from home, I indulged in some Beanies Flavour Co. coffee granules. I urge you to take a look at their offering. Chocolate flavour coffee beans, I kid you not. 

3. Spending more time in the great outdoors

Sussex is FULL of lovely villages and country walks. Now that the weather has cheered up, Neil & I have been out almost every weekend exploring different 'off the beaten track' walks (which may have resulted in us being stalked by a bunch of cows, no joke). The best feeling in life is doing a 3 mile trek across the downs, then chilling in the evening sun with a pint and a packet of crisps. Love it. 

4. Taking more of an interest in my appearance

I mentioned in a recent post (4 tips for freshening up your style) that I'm not usually one for spending time and money on clothes or beauty products. It disinterests me on a personal level, although I love reading about what friends and bloggers are buying. In recent photos I've noticed how old and tatty my clothes have got, so I invested in some key items (a smart bag as opposed to my rucksack, a pair of well cut jeans, and a black blazer) that I can chuck on to smarten up whatever I'm wearing. Check out some tips I pulled together if you're thinking of doing the same.  

5. Learning more about Pinterest marketing

If you follow me on twitter, you may have heard my little celebration. Pinterest chose to feature my board 'gladrags' as people sign up. I couldn't quite believe it either. I mainly use pinterest for personal mood boards, and have never seen it as a traffic driver until now. My following has gone from 300 to 3,000 and counting in the space of a week which has sparked a lot of interest in the best ways to market your blog on Pinterest. It's been fascinating reading more into it all. I've been reading Quora for peer to peer advice around this (and almost every other) subject. 

6. Weekend breaks are a great way to unwind on the cheap

So Neil and I have spent the last few weekends driving and staying with family in Worcester and York. It's been so nice spending more time with them, and it's meant we get mini breaks away without having to spend a fortune and take time off work. I find I'm more refreshed and ready for work on Monday morning when we have a long weekend with family, away from my laptop and I get more done the following week. We'd really like to do more weekends in Sussex and can't wait until the weather really heats up so we can camp again. 

7. Manicures make everyone happy

...it's true. Think about it. Bright coloured nails perk up your day, your outfit and more often than not strike up a compliment from whoever you're chatting to. The days where I'm feeling like I'd rather lock myself away and not talk to anyone, I try to wear bright lipstick and bright nail polish (like these OPI beauties from Just My Look) to get me out of my rut. 

So that's it for this month. May is already lining up to be epic, I can't wait to share what steps I've taken to make each day a bit brighter for Neil & I.