Create your own red onion chutney (with Sussex Merrydown cider!)

Red onion cider chutney recipe ››

Wow. Well I've never tried anything like this before. Chutney, I love. Cider, I love. Marry the two? Double love. 

Who'd have thought about mixing a drizzle of cider inside a chutney recipe to give it a kick? It gives a much more rounded, layered taste. 

When Merrydown Cider, the local Sussex brewer, got in touch to challenge bloggers to create their own chutney and ploughman's spread using a bottle of their delicious medium dry, I jumped at the opportunity. 

Red onion cider chutney recipe ››

Red onion cider chutney recipe ››

Ok so I might have veered off a little and made chutney to accompany my Indian as opposed to a ploughman's spread, but at least it shows how versatile chutney and the flavours can be. Non-dairy eaters can enjoy chutney too without the cheese accompaniment. 

The recipe itself was surprisingly very easy. I decided to create a red onion Merrydown chutney using a recipe booklet sent along with some yum ciders to use inside the recipe (and drink in the process) And guess what? It turned out epic. I wish I created more to store inside a pretty Kilner jar ready to whip out when it's curry night. 

Red onion cider chutney recipe ››

Red onion cider chutney recipe ››

Here's how easy it was:


3 small red onions peeled, halved and sliced thinly
150ml Merrydown medium cider
2tbsps cider vinegar (I used Apple cider vinegar)
2tbsps dark brown sugar
1 finely sliced red chilli

I added in 2tbsps balsamic vinegar & a pinch of salt too.


Pop all of the ingredients inside a saucepan and bring to a simmer, leave to simmer for 30 mins, et voile! Serve with cheese and biscuits, curries and popadoms, crackers, sandwiches or dipping crisps. 

Have you ever tried making your own chutney? Get some pretty jars and design your own labels, and hey presto. You have a lovely home made gift to surprise and delight the family :)

Check out Merrydown's downloadable recipe book too, I was really impressed. It's packed with ideas for creating delicious sauces and chutneys using Merrydown ciders. 

Go have a look and get inspired!

Credits // Photos copyright of Neil William Shaw // Ciders c/o Merrydown // Content all my own