3 useful storage solutions for small bedrooms

Storage solutions for small rooms ››

What our bedroom looked like 3 weeks ago (being redecorated as we speak)

If you live in a converted flat like I do, you'll know just how precious every inch of space in your home is. Our bedroom is undergoing a mini-makeover, we're painting, changing the colour scheme and home furnishings for a cleaner feel which I'll reveal parts of once it starts to take shape and part of the transformation we're going for will work on the level of storage we have. 

I thought I'd put together storage ideas for those with smaller rooms. Some we've considered but budget is too tight, others we'll be implementing now or later on once I've firmed up decisions on what to buy. 

I hope it helps you if you're in the middle of home improvements!

Storage solutions for small rooms ››

You can just about see in the photo above, Neil and I have a chimney breast and alcoves in our room which I love but it sorta means we can never switch around the furniture. The bed can't really go anywhere else. We thought about installing built in wardrobes in each of the alcoves to make use of the awkward space. Places like Hammonds UK fit bespoke furniture just about anywhere, including loft conversions with slanted ceilings. Whilst we haven't ruled this out, it's definitely an investment and we need to be dead certain on the style of the cupboards before committing. I love Hammonds' range of stylish to vintage looking furniture fittings though, so if you're considering built in cupboards, check out their offering. 

Storage solutions for small rooms ››

This includes under bed storage, vacant space inside wardrobes, and hooks behind doors for coats or your ever increasing stash of cardigans. I have a nu-vintage cream bed frame which we're keeping, with a lot of empty space underneath so in the next few weeks I'll be looking to purchase some wheeled drawers (preferably some that don't scratch wood floors). If you have any recommendations, hit me up. 

I also bought some pretty storage boxes on a recent trip to ikea to store all of my winter clothes during summer, which will sit just underneath the hung 'in season' stuff in my wardrobe, you know that awkward space under hung clothes? There.  I plan to swap the clothes around come winter. 

Storage solutions for small rooms ››

I could dedicate a whole 50 pin pinterest board to my love of shelving. In fact, I think I might start one. When done right, shelving is really useful for storing books, photographs, cacti collections or jewellery trees. If you have high ceilings it's worth considering how you can make use of the wall space for storage, and shelving is a great way. For us, it's a toss up between built in wardrobes or DIY shelving in the alcoves, and given we're book hoarders, I think the latter might be a better more temporary option whilst we save and make the decision on built in styles we like. Shelving arrangements are a whole separate post, I'd just love to have open space for framed typography, plants, ceramic pots and trinkets. We have such a small amount of shelf space in our house. 

I hope this has give you some ideas, follow my pinterest boards for more home inspiration :)