A chilled out crafty morning [& my first video]

You may remember me mentioning that I wanted to spend 2015 being a little more crafty, trying out new arts and crafts. Well, not one to shy away from my word, I did just that with the help of some brilliant crafty how-to's on Sykes Cottages blog. They have a really inspiring vintage DIY and craft guide for beginners which you'll see me looking at in our wee film below.
I first made some cute earrings from beads and wire, and then my own lavender votive candle. Not going to lie, I'm no natural but it was really fun switching off from technology and emails for a while to relax and make something with my hands - no pressure to do it well, no looking at the clock thinking about what I'm supposed to rush through next, just a chilled out morning with biscuits and beads. I can imagine how fun it would be to do a crafty weekend away in a secluded cottage.
Something else we tried for the first time - filming. Well, Neil filmed and edited. I just stirred some wax in a saucepan and ate biscuits at the speed of light. Tough job eh?
I hope you like the little film we made. Nobody told me halogen lights don't like being on camera?! Oh well, we live and learn. 

F & N x