How to choose the right lighting in your bedroom

I shared a house tour not long ago in collaboration with Direct blinds, and discussed how I'm in the process of makeover plans for our bedroom. This is how it looks right now. Light and airy, but no real focal point. We can definitely make better use of the space. It looks small in the photo, but it's a fairly decent sized room if I stepped back 3 paces when taking the photo. 
I'm pulling together colour schemes as a starting point, and will talk more about that in an upcoming post, but right now I thought I'd discuss more about lighting. It can make or break a room and there's a few ways I'm being sure to make the most of the space with the light we choose, sticking with the period of the home too. It's a Victorian terraced flat. 
A few things to think about when considering lighting during a makeover big or small:
Begin your plans assessing the natural light available in the room

What size is the room, how big are the windows and where are they positioned? If your room is south facing, your windows may need heavier fabrics to block sun or if, like me, you want to introduce more natural light into a west or north facing room during the day you might be better to opt for voile fabrics that don't deter from the little light you do get. 
Next, think about what your main lighting system is like and the atmosphere it creates
We have a regular 60W ceiling light that is slow to 'warm up' and very bright when it's been left on for a long time. I want an easily adjustable system that allows me to have a bright bulb when I need it, and a darker cosy feel when I don't want harsh light.

The solution? A dimmer switch. Easy to fit and solves all of my problems. If you're decorating a child's bedroom and want a more even spread of light throughout the room, I'd consider spotlights and adding a dimmer switch to alter the brightness. For us, spot lights are a little too modern for the traditional look I want to achieve so a dimmer switch instead of the conventional on/off light is perfect for our needs. 
Consider the type of lighting you want and need, from a functional point of view

If you spend a lot of time reading in bed, bedside lights or bedside table lamps are a must. I particularly like the symmetrical appeal having matching bedside lamps can achieve. You can really bring a room together with matching lamps in the right colour scheme. 
If you spend a lot of time getting ready, built in wardrobe lights will save a lot of time looking for the right outfits. Similarly if you have a dressing table or mirror where you put make up on, invest in quality lighting there too. 
Our bedroom isn't usually used for getting ready - I usually do make up in the bathroom, and I don't spend a lot of time choosing clothes so for me, that level of lighting wouldn't get the most value. I do however, read every night, and my room is crying out for a lamp at arm level. See how high the lamp I have is? Over head lighting or low beside table lamps would mean I don't have to get out of bed to turn the light off. These Tiffany lamps are very traditional and would look great with the right antique furniture by my bedside.

Include optional atmospheric lights

These are the kind that you wouldn't use all the time, but create a different look to the room when in company or you're using the space for something different. Occasionally I'll work on my laptop in the evenings in my room, or I'll have a friend over for drinks and we'll hang out in my room discussing outfits whilst getting ready for a night out. Optional atmospheric lighting works great for these moments. Ideas could be to dot wooden floor lamps in different corners of the room, or candles along the window sill. Stringed lighting over a bed or mirror also has an optional atmospheric feel. I plan to hang string lights across our bed frame and dot candles on shelving i want to fit inside the alcoves. 
Don't be afraid to be daring with design choices when it comes to lamps and shades. 
If you get it right, the pay off is so much more. Get it wrong, and you can just change it! Simple as that. I've been looking at copper pendant lights as I think the shades bring a modern touch without being too different to the traditional features of the room. Funktionalley offer lighting that would really transform a room so it's worth looking there for ideas. 
I'll let you know how the plans go. Next week I'll write more about the colour schemes we've chosen and tips for you to choose the right colours for your space too.
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Photo credits // Main image, copyright of Fifi McGee // Others sourced on Pinterest