Holiday memories: A fortnight camping in the Lake District

You know those holidays you'll never forget? Well this was mine. 

Love Holidays are encouraging people to share their memorable holidays and I thought I'd jump in on the action...

Neil and I have a mutual love for country breaks (and country living for that matter) and regularly like to get out of the city, whether it's a country walk in Sussex or a week away in Forest Holidays in Strathyre, Scotland - we love disconnecting to reconnect. The very first holiday we embarked upon as a couple was a fortnights camping trip visiting Penrith, Kendall and Windermere in the Lake District. Hills and fields as far as the eye can see, with frequent spells of showers and sun to excite and disappoint us as we assembled our tent in several campsites. I remember thinking, if he still likes me after spending 2 weeks make-up less in a shower-less and hairdryer-less tent, he's a saint. We had a lot of fun.

I'd never previously explored the UK so was pretty excited to be heading to one of the most beautiful parts of the country for an unforgettable trip. There was a lot of late night camp fire chats, beers in the sun (and rain), stargazing, walks and views across the lakes and the odd bike ride too (which sorta scarred me for life when I fell off and had to take a trip to A&E,  I can laugh about it now, see pic below for visual evidence). It definitely was a trip I'll never forget on every level.

We have so much beauty around us that sometimes if you're planning a summer holiday, you can forget your own doorstep - which can be a lot cheaper on the purse strings. I have a pinterest board of cottages and campsites I want to visit in the coming years - and that's just in sussex! I don't know where I'll find time to explore the rest of the UK. So if you're thinking about holidaying this summer and fancy a change from the mediterranean's sun, sea and sand, I won't think you're crazy for opting for the good ol' English climate. We did it, and will never regret.