Every home needs a persian rug

Cheap persian rugs on Wayfair

And as it turns out, Persian rugs don't have to be ridiculously overpriced. 
Whilst saving up to move into my own flat, I vowed that once the estate agent handed me the keys (one of the happiest moments ever) there were 3 things I needed to have within the first year of owning to make the place feel truly mine. The first, a chesterfield sofa. The second, an open fire. The third, a Persian rug. That was our to-buy list and ever since Neil & I haven't taken our eye off the vision.

Styling a persian rug in the living room
I love traditional, cosy living spaces. Prior to moving in, every time we went to a country pub together we'd sit as close as possible to the fire and chat about the similar look we want in our home. You'd probably imagine chesterfields, fireplaces and persian rugs don't usually come cheap especially when you have to fork out on opening up the chimney breast and installing a flue. It's in the works and has taken a fair while to save for, but it'll happen, and our Chesterfield sofa sorta just happened too. Amazingly we got lucky with this persian rug. 
Once we settled in to our flat, got some funds together and started looking around for the perfect rug for a cosy feel we began to think a persian rug was seriously out of sight price-wise. The nicer patterns tend to sell for upwards of £700 and we even saw rugs that crept into the thousands. I just couldn't justify the spend. 

Styling a persian rug in the living room Until I found myself on Wayfair UK that is. Wayfair just made my interior vision a whole lot more attainable. Think quality craftsmanship with Ikea prices, it's the dream store.
I saw this beautiful Barefoot Artsilk medallion persian rug and gasped at how perfect AND reasonably priced it was. £80 for a 2m x 1.3m rug, the perfect fit for our living room, I couldn't quite believe my luck. 

It has cream coloured tassels, it's low pile, very thin, has a non-slip grip underneath and is the exact pattern I have been on the market for - yes it ticks every box in the book. 

Wayfair, this is just the beginning of a big interiorsy love affair. I'll be back to kit out the rest of my place.