Why I've stopped being too precious about my home

I could have virtually lashed out at someone the other day when I found one of the cushions to our suede-effect grey sofa had a big fat stain going across it. There it was staring at me in the face. 
If I sound to you like a spoilt brat, check out the colour of the sofa and you'll realise what a catastrophe this was... or at least it should have been!

I paused for a moment, got mad for about 2 minutes, then remembered my gigantic stash of cushions I adore but I've been struggling to store. 

It dawned on me how stupid it is getting wound up over a stain, and how precious I was being about our interior, especially considering I have more cushions collecting dust, never seeing the light of day. Every possession we own is to some extent replaceable. It's not worth the worry.

When Graham & Brown challenged bloggers to share how they would shake up their home by moving one of their most treasured possessions somewhere new, I immediately thought of the love I have for my cushion collection, and the little place I have to store them. 

My response to the challenge? I decided to give every last one of them away (to friends and family) to shake off some level of this hateful materialism I'm prone to. It was bloody hard letting go, but I feel as if my cushion addiction has somehow helped other people I know and love make their homes more lovely, and it's changed my interior too - I can now finally see the floor underneath my bed where they were once stored.

Hoorah! Thank you Graham & Brown.