5 favourites from the Loaf AW15 collection

5 favourites from Loaf's A/W 15 interior collection

The Autumn / Winter 2015 collection at Loaf has some true interior gems. I've said it before, if I was doing a total furniture/accessory re-haul I'd get almost everything I need from Loaf. I love their brand. 

I thought I'd share 5 of my favourites from their new collection. 

1. Lovebird weather clock, £295

The first is this rather unique Lovebird weather clock (above) that comes in a variety of neutral colours, and not only tells the time, it tells you the weather :) Yup. It has a built in barometer too. They're handmade in Yorkshire by a duo of talented folk that form Bramwell Brown. Check out their story on Loaf's product page, it's inspiring ››

5 favourites from Loaf's A/W 15 interior collection

2. Shilling Table Lamp, £165

The second is this geometric wire lamp. Its intricate pattern paired with a bold shade makes it perfect for any room in the house. I would pop this on a console table to jazz up a dark hallway - lamps are a nice light to enter a home to, aren't they? It's a much cosier alternative to the spotlights we have in our hall. 

5 favourites from Loaf's A/W 15 interior collection
3. Crumbs Floor Rug, from £195

This one would work brilliantly in a family home with messy kiddies running around. The light colours and texture means that small stains, pet hairs and crumbs from the floor wouldn't be picked up as noticeably, giving you style and substance. That we like. 

5 favourites from Loaf's A/W 15 interior collection

4. Banyan Mirror, from £245

Look at the beautiful frame on that mirror. It would fit perfectly with our grey/ivory/white colour scheme in our bedroom, adding a bit of detail to the walls and opening up small spaces. Best of all you could choose to hang it either portrait or landscape, or have it resting on a bedroom mantel, layering up smaller mirrors and framed photos for an eclectic look. 

5 favourites from Loaf's A/W 15 interior collection

5. Olivia Bedside table, £225

Finally, this new Olivia bedside table is just perfection for Parisian-chic style interiors or to add a vintage vibe. I'm imagining a bedroom with one of these either side, with matching shilling table lamps (above) either side too, dream room. I wish I lived in a big enough home for more symmetrical design like that. Imagine the hours I'd spend styling it and photographing? One can dream. 

A special something before you go...

If you haven't seen already, I've been running a giveaway alongside Loaf.com, so if you've seen anything that's caught your eye, enter below for the chance to win a £50 voucher all to yourself. 

Best of luck :)

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