7 ways I'm making my life better | July edition

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Here we are again folks. I encourage you to join in with this feature too. 

Sit down once a month and consider what things you need to change to make your life better. 30 days later, blog about the experience. 

Here are mine for July:

1. It's time I woke up the right way

I found myself eating the wrong food when I woke up, which left me feeling tired and hungry by 11am, so this month I went on a health kick with the help of my Breville Smoothie maker (my new best friend). It can be time consuming making breakfast smoothies from scratch when you're in a rush to get somewhere, but this little bad boy blends the fruit inside a flask, so you literally unclick it from the machine and run. Genius.

2. I've signed up for an educational hit

Feminism, style, health, politics + friendship. You know Lena Dunham from Girls, right? She's starting a mailing list for women to get scoops of info to their inbox. It's lennyletter.com if you want to join too. So far they're curating the content (I think) but once it starts, I'm hoping it'll keep me up to speed with current affairs. 

3. I've been brainstorming a grand vision for my life + blog

You should do this too. You might notice a few changes around here (like my new design?) in the coming months. I spent a day in a beach hut on Brighton promenade, looked out to sea, and thought about the goals I want to achieve in the next year or so. It was eye-opening. I feel like my blog has accelerated forward since that day. Take yourself off somewhere quiet and do the same. I wrote all about it here ››

4. I was featured in the Guardian

This could be one of the coolest things to come out of 2015 for me. My full time job sees me marketing and planning events, I'm a Chief Happiness Officer. No joke, that's my job title. It's dreamy isn't it? The Guardian are pretty baffled by it too, so they worked with me to write this post

5. I've been HOOKED on Jenny Purr's podcasts

Haven't heard about Jenny Purr yet? Go check her website out. I have to thank Sophie from The Private Life of a Girl for introducing me to Jenny's inspiring content. Jenny records 40 min podcasts with entrepreneurs in the blogging world around the theme of "make it happen". I've got a LOT of direction from these and know you will too. Check them out here

6. I've started 2 new businesses

Am I crazy? Full time job, Part time blog, and now 2 businesses to propel forward too? I don't care if any of it is doomed to fail with my lack of time. It's the best learning curve I can imagine. 
If interested, one is a photographer community I'm building with Neil: snapandmatch.co.uk
The other is a shop called Fifi + Olive which will help independent sellers get a leg up. It's in the making :)

7. I began building my little black book of interior shops I love

and so far it's been a game changer. I had a problem, read more about it here, where I found it difficult to make my interior vision a reality. I created stumbling blocks every time I sat down to buy home accessories, so I've been working on a list of fab places to shop to achieve any look. 
Of course, I'm sharing them on the blog. Look at for a monthly post featuring interior shops you'll love too. 

Thanks for reading!