DIY latte coffee art (for when your milk skills suck)

I got a new Tassimo Bosch Coffee maker this week and thought I'd try my hand at some latte art to share with you. 

You know the kind, white fluffy hearts or tulips neatly presented at the top of your cappuccino cup when you order in at Starbucks.

Well, you won't be surprised when I tell you, it didn't go so good *insert laughing emoji here*

I did a very short barista class a long long time ago at a coffee shop in Brighton, where I was taught about the fast and slow pouring, and the quick hand gestures needed to craft fine coffee art. As an avid amateur baker, with the piping skills of a 5 year old, I didn't hold much hope for myself, and I spent the class fooling around getting high on caffeine. 

I thought that being older, wiser and more serious about nailing the art I would give it another go with my shiny new coffee machine. 

I've always wanted to be able to wow people that come visit us, presenting them with tulip shaped milk in their cups. I watched handy Youtube videos to sharpen my memory of the class (thank God for Youtube) but after using almost 10 Tassimo pods and about 4 pints of milk trying to nail it, I gave up. It was too much of a cost, and I just couldn't steam my milk right. 

So I came up with a fools guide to wowing visitors with their very own bespoke coffee art designs. It's laughable, but it made me feel a little less like a failure in doing this. 

As you can probably see from the photos (all very self explanatory and school girl) you cut out your guest's initial from some cardboard, place is over your freshly whipped milk, and sprinkle with cocoa powder (or in my case, Lindt Hot Chocolate sachets) et voille! 

One day I will nail the art to creating cappuccino + latte hearts. But for now, I'll settle with my quick and easy DIY art. 

All I need now are some visitors to show off my Tassimo creations, anyone fancy calling for a cuppa?