Hitting that 'eureka' moment when styling your home

You might be wondering what my obsession with Graham & Brown is over the past few months and well, I'm actually a brand ambassador for them, but sorta go a bit red in the cheeks when I consider myself a "brand ambassador" for anyone! Really, I'm just winging all things life and interiors and sometimes have to pinch myself when I realise I'm building incredible relationships with the people behind my favourite ever brands (I'm looking at you Suzanne!)

Being a brand ambassador means that every month, I'll be introducing you to Graham & Brown's home trends and offering ideas to help style your home with their range of wallpapers and home accessories. 

You can read my earlier posts for Graham + Brown discussing their Northern Rose, Popsicle and Precious trends.

This month I'd like to share with you my interpretation of Graham + Brown's Eureka trend. For me, eureka is that moment when someone walks into a room you've poured your heart and soul in designing and something has made them go 'wow'. There's nothing better than that feeling. 
Graham and Brown say: 

“The Eureka trend is a chance to create, delight and wonder, offering the opportunity to inspire others through your own interior design ventures. Creating a sudden, unexpected realisation to all those who enter the doors to your humble abode on how they can represent their own characteristics with colour and vibrancy."

So when I first think about the Eureka trend, out-there colour and pattern, my thoughts automatically turn to the retro / 60s look. It epitomises the trend. It's colourful, brave, out-there, adventurous and fun. And it's a look I'm obsessing over at the moment. 

After a recent shop around John Lewis with my mum and sister, when we were all reminded of our adoration for Orla Kiely's designs, I can't stop googling "60s furniture, 60s wallpaper, 60s homes" - just can't get enough. If I was designing a space to channel 60s vibes and give it some wow, wallpaper would be my first port of call and I'm loving the selection Graham + Brown are offering. There's either crazy designs a la above, or more muted, darker retro patterns like below. 

If I had to style a room from scratch in 24 hours (dream job alert) I'd kit it all out with teak furniture, 60s wallpaper, chunky shelving, lava lamps and big retro pendants. It would sorta end up looking like Austin Power's pad, I bet. But let's face it, he's an icon. 

Although not in the slightest bit 60s, I'm in the middle of styling our office space where I work full time and it does the Eureka trend very well with it's use of colour. We've got an accent wall of bright yellow in one of our meeting rooms, lots of colourful bean bags, rugs and wall vinyls and last week I teamed up with the lads to put up this crazy red brick effect Graham + Brown wallpaper. I can't wait to have more time to style it for photos. We're thinking regal style gold frames with quirky photos and art inside. 

Hope this post gave you some inspiration to be brave with wallpaper, I've had so many ideas just writing it! 

Remember if you're not sure what sort of style you want to go for, I have an interior class that will help you explore this. Go check it out! 

F x