Say hello to my new rug! What do you think?

Darlings of Chelsea bedroom grey and white rug

Remember a little while back I shared my bedroom mood board with you?

On it was a really lovely grey and white rug. I want a minimalist boho look in my room, and although we're not near achieving that just yet, I wanted to update you on a new rug I've chosen for the room keeping this theme in mind.

It's from Darlings of Chelsea. If you follow me on Instagram or twitter you'll have seen me squealing like a little girl when it arrived last month. 

Now it's all snug as a bug and resting nicely under our bed, I thought I'd shoot some quick pics for you. Don't judge, the room still has a lot of work to be done to it decoratively! 

Darlings of Chelsea bedroom grey and white rug

I don't think I could have made a better choice though. I'm absolutely delighted with it. Darlings of Chelsea have some really fabulous patterned rugs that aren't too bold - exactly what I love in rugs. I wanted something fitting with our grey and white colour scheme, that added texture to the room visually without it being too in your face. 

It was a pretty hard choice from the Darlings of Chelsea offering. They are renowned for their fantastic quality sofas but their rugs are every bit as gorgeous. Take a look at the rugs I initially shortlisted:

Darlings of Chelsea bedroom grey and white rugs
For various reasons (like the fair isle grey feeling too Christmassy, the Cleo Cement too large a print for the room and the Annabelle grey a close contender but didn't make the cut) I opted for the Diamond Platinum in 183 x 274cm. I probably could have gone the size bigger but I always go against the "rules of rug sizes" in interior styling, preferring to show off wooden floors with smaller sizes. 

I've got to say, that if like me you've had wooden flooring in your bedroom and always lusted after carpet for ultimate cosiness, the next best thing is putting down a good quality rug. It's made the room feel warmer, cosier and even sound nicer where there might previously have been an echo.

The makeover is no way near finished (will it ever be?) but it's feeling like a much nicer room to be in than when we first moved in. 

Next on the agenda:

- A new lamp for our bedside table (our previous one smashed so this is a temporary replacement)
- A matching dresser to the bedside table (or I might paint the one we have so it's less cream and more white)
- A new blind (coming very soon, woop woop)
- Putting up a curtain pole for some voile curtains to hang
- Nicer bits and pieces to style my dresser and bedside table, I'm thinking copper themed to match our new bedroom light fixture 
- Tidying up those unsightly wires with some skirting board hooks

What do you think? Which Darlings of Chelsea rug would you have picked?\

Fiona xoxo