Project update: Master bedroom window dressing

Yes, I've ticked one of my 10 home resolutions for 2016 off the list!

If you read my 10 home resolutions post you'll have heard how I'm hailing this year as the year for swapping all the window dressings I hate in our flat. 

When we first moved in we were delighted that the previous owner left all of the curtains and blinds. It meant we didn't have to rush into a decision on colour schemes and window dressings just to have some privacy. 

But in another breath, it's halted the progress we've made in the rooms as it's never been an urgent thing we've needed. 

Anyway I'm looking at it as it's given us lots of time to choose well and choose wisely. It may have taken me almost 18 months to change this bedroom blind, but it was worth every minute for the delight I feel on the choice we made. 

Our bedroom blind before

We've had a red stripy roman blind since the day we moved in (seen above). I absolutely despise striped blinds unless it's in a nautical themed bathroom, and the colour for us was ALL WRONG. 

The pull cord had broken too so every time I wanted to open and close the blind I almost had to climb onto the window sill to unclip it from the top. Very frustrating. 

We gave our bedroom a fresh lick of paint

last year, took away the red alcoves and brought in a fresh grey colour scheme. As you'll see from my 10 home resolutions post my challenge this year is to bring in a navy and/or mustard colour scheme alongside this.

Instead of jumping straight into accessorising with cushions, lamps etc. I want to get the foundations of the room in place so I know what I'm working with. 

The first step was swapping our plastic white light for a copper pendant, and the next was this, replacing the window dressing. 

Deciding on the right fabric

I'd been reading a lot of old period homes magazines and came across fabric designer Olivia Bard, immediately falling in love with the richness of the colours and textures in the materials they stock, so I had a delivery of about 25 (no kidding) fabric samples that I loved from the website to get a good feel for how it would look in my bedroom. 

Initially I had my eye on their tweed-style material that I thought would look great against the grey colour scheme in our bedroom. Gorgeous fabric, but dark colours just didn't feel right. 

Then the minute I pulled this Portland fabric in Chartreuse out of my bag of samples and stuck it on the window to visualise, I knew it was right for the room. 

It was statement, mustard and decadent all at the same time. I loved it and still do. 

Measuring up

Next steps were to measure up the window and see how much fabric was needed for the blind. Luckily for me, I asked Olivia Bard if they were happy to not only supply the fabric, but to have the blind made to the size of our window, and they were more than happy. 

I'm pretty sure this is a service all fabric sellers can provide at an extra cost, so it's worth asking the company you're buying your material from to make it for you if you aren't a sewing bee - that way if there are any mistakes in the material that's cut, they have the right fabric in stock to replace it. 

I sent Olivia Bard measurements of the window, asked specifically for a roman blind (of course, you can opt for curtains, furniture, cushions and so on in any fabric too) and told them I wanted the blind lined well as it had to block out light in the mornings. 

I had the option of choosing a right or left pull chord too which was handy :)

I don't think I've ever been so delighted with a window dressing in my life. I guess it's the first time I've ever chosen fabrics and had something made for a room from scratch. 

Getting things made bespoke used to seem really difficult and alien to me, but Olivia Bard simplified the whole process and it was SO much fun playing designer with their stunning fabrics. 

Delivery + Installation

In about 2-3 weeks from when the fabric I selected came back in stock (I think it's a popular one, and rightly so!) the blind was delivered to me. I was very pleasantly surprised by how light it was to hold up and install, given the fabric is weighty and blocks out a lot of light. More than our last blind, that's for sure. 

The lining and fabric was pieced together with expert precision and I was really happy that upon fixing the blind to the window frame, you're not able to see the brackets at the top. 

Excellent craftsmanship. 

The blind came with all of the necessary brackets to screw into the window frame, and given we had a blind previously there, it was a doddle to put up as we used the same drill holes. 

The blind was up in no time, and I do little leaps with joy at the colour of it every time I walk into our bedroom. 

It's not finished yet though...

I have further plans to put up a curtain pole above this window and hang some floor length voile curtains to soften up the lines of the window frame and skirting boards. 

I'll be in need of some curtain tie backs and a pole to finish the look and have a huge temptation to buy everything I need in Olivia Bard as they also stock complimentary window accessories for their fabrics. 

I'm so glad progress is being made in our bedroom though, I'll keep you updated!

Photos all by Neil William Shaw Photography