How to make your bed feel like a 5* hotel (+ keep you cool at night)

Planning a staycation this summer? Treat yourself to the right bedding so your home feels hotel-chic instead, and bring the holiday to your every day.

how to make a hotel bed
how to make a hotel bed

There’s no denying how much better you sleep in a clean, tidy, well ventilated hotel room, with breathable, crisp bed linen.

So in a bid to create a similar, perfect sleep environment for these hot, sticky nights we’ve been having, I’ve done some extensive research into how to make the perfect bed with the help of and their range of affordable bedding to try out what I’ve learned.

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If you’re a hot sleeper like me, and you’re looking for ways to regulate your temperature at night during these hot summer months, or if you just feel like it’s about time you make more considered choices to give your bed a touch of luxury when you’re stepping in (without breaking the bank!) then read on for what I’ve learned…

First, how to make your bed – hotel style!

After reading numerous guides taking tips from Good Homes magazine, and watching youtube videos filmed by experts at the Four Seasons Hotel, I’ve learned a few things about what elements make up the perfect hotel bed.

Eve mattress, how to make a bed hotel

1. Start with a good mattress

Ours is the Eve memory foam mattress, we’ve had it for 4 years now and really like it. It has great support, not too firm, not too soft, similar to hotel beds. Made with breathable fabric, it’s designed to keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and I can’t really fault it. I also love the sunshine yellow colour when I change the sheets!

how to make a bed to feel cool in

2. Give your mattress some protection

Prior to my research, our mattress protector was a thick sheepskin cover that we used all year round which added a bit of bounce. I quickly realised swapping it for a thinner, cotton mattress protector would keep us cooler. This Clean and Fresh Mattress protector is filled with hollowfibre making it breathable and absorbent to sweat, protecting the mattress. Make sure yours is well elasticated to wrap around your mattress so that it doesn’t come loose as you’re turning during the night.

how to make a hotel bed thread count

3. Next, add a crisp white 200 - 300 count fitted sheet

I’ll talk more about thread count and why it’s important below, but as a rule of thumb, the lower the thread count the more breathable your sheets will be. Cotton or linen sheets will keep you coolest. I have opted for a 200 Count Percale Fitted sheet in a crisp white colour for a hotel vibe. 200 count is not as soft as 300 count, but I like the feeling of ‘crisp sheets’ without the hassle of ironing, so went a little lower at 200. If you prefer softer sheets go for 300 count. This percale sheet we’re using is 50% cotton, 50% polyester which gives a good breathable base to sleep on.

how to make a hotel bed

4. Now, layer the bed with a crisp 200 - 300 flat sheet

The one thing I’ve always done wrong previous summers is stick with a 13 tog duvet the whole year round. Adding a breathable flat sheet instead of a thick duvet is enough to keep you cool when the evenings start to heat up. The same as the fitted sheet, 200 count is breathable and crisp. I opted for the 200 Count Percale Flat sheet in the shade Cloud. It’s a really soothing off-white/grey colour and gives a good contrast to the rest of the white hotel-like bedding.

what is a bolster pillow for
what is a bolster pillow for

5. Then, fluff up a bolster pillow along your headboard

I never even knew what a bolster pillow was until I researched how to make a hotel bed. Now that I’ve got this Bolster Pillow and Case set in a luxurious bright white, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make a bed without one again. Why are they amazing? They stop your actual pillows from falling down the back of the bed and they’re great for keeping your posture straight when you’re on your phone at night before drifting off. Genius things.

how to make a hotel bed
how to make a hotel bed

6. Add your pillows (and pillow protectors!)

Before dressing your pillows, cover them with anti-allergy pillow protectors like the Downland Zipped Pillow Protectors. They’re 100% cotton, breathable and will protect your pillows from absorbing bacteria and sweat meaning less washing. Again, keep your colours neutral and fresh for a hotel vibe.

how to make a hotel bed and stay cool in summer

7. Triple fold a 4.5 tog, thin duvet at the bottom of the bed in case the temps drop

When the evenings switch from hot to cold in the space of a week, you don’t want to wake up chilly or have to faff around dressing and undressing the bed with new bedding. To be prepared, fold a thin summer duvet like this 4.5 tog Slumberdown Summer Cool, into 3 lengthways and drape it at the bottom of the bed. If you bifold it correctly, when you get cold during the night you can easily grab it and pull it up over you. I’ve covered ours in a fresh white Serene Pom Pom Duvet Set to channel the White Company at a fraction of the cost.

how to make a hotel bed and stay cool

8. Finish off with throw pillows…

…et voile! The perfect, cool, hotel bed in the comfort of your own home.

Top tips for keeping your bedding cool this summer

If you want to dive a bit deeper, here’s some research I picked up on my travels around the internet that may be of interest to you…

What is thread count?

I’m embarrassed to say thread count never entered my vocabulary until I started researching ways to stay cool in bed. Thread count is basically, how many threads make up an inch of the material you’re buying. The higher the thread count, the tighter and therefore less breathable the material is.

What thread count is best for hot sleepers?

If you’re shopping for summer bedding, look for 200 - 300 thread count as there will be more space between the fibres making it more breathable. If you’re shopping for winter bedding, opt for 400+ as it will be tighter bound threads retaining more heat.

Which material keeps you cool during summer months?

Cotton! Or Egyptian Cotton if you can afford it. have some very affordably luxury cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets in their bedding range at the moment.

Which material is best for winter months?

Brushed cotton is soft and really retains heat well. You could also try silk sheets which have benefits such as limiting wrinkles!!

fifi mcgee

Thanks for letting me be a big bedding geek and sharing what I’ve learned about how to create a hotel perfect bed and stay cool in summer months.

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