My life and interior goals for 2018 | #AYearOfInteriors

My life and interior goals for 2018

Hello! How are you enjoying 2018 so far? I've been a wee bit AWOL between Christmas and New Year, simply because I've had many new things to focus my attention on (some of which I'll get on to in this post!).


You might notice the #AYearOfInteriors hashtag in the title here. Shortly before we all broke up for Christmas, the very lovely Flora who writes the blog Love to Home got in touch with me and some of my favourite home bloggers inviting us to join her for a bloggers link up. Obviously I jumped at the chance! Link ups are such a great way to find other blogs you love, and get inspired with the content other home bloggers are sharing. 

We've decided to call it #AYearOfInteriors because it will be a 12 month peek into our homes throughout the seasons. We'll each be sharing one post every month around a specific home design theme from living rooms to kitchens, sharing tips, pics and advice.

I've linked below to all of the other blogs partaking, so don't forget to check out their blogs if you've enjoyed mine and want to read more. 

Home + Life goals for 2018

Our first month is all around our goals/resolutions, specifically home resolutions. 

If you're new here, hello and welcome. You can follow my 1930s home renovation right from the very start here or just continue reading for my life and interior goals this year, and let me know yours! 

There is so much I want to pack in to 2018, a lot of which I've started planning for already, so I've decided to include not only my home resolutions for 2018 but also life goals I want to achieve this year too. Life + Home are so interchangeable it makes sense :)

So here we go.... Hello 2018, you've been so good to me already <3

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1. I will be taking the next step in my career

This first resolution has been so important to me. It's largely the reason why I've been so quiet on IG and here on my blog recently.

During the Christmas period I spent a lot of time reflecting on my working life and whether it was making me truly happy. For anyone that doesn't know already I work remotely part-time, and as much as I adore the company and the actual work I do for them, it just wasn't giving me the energy I need day-to-day because I felt so isolated at home. 

Remote working is a dream for many people, but during the year I've worked from home I've  learned that I need a team of people around me to be happy in my job. So with this my New Year's resolution is to take the next step in my career to join a team in house and work full time again. 

Completely unexpectedly this resolution was solved before the year had even begun. At the end of December I found myself with a job offer for an incredible team in Brighton that I wouldn't pass up in a million years. I'm delighted to now work for the Bluebird Tea Co. as their Marketing Campaign Co-ordinator and Social Media Manager. I have so much excitement ahead and feel pretty lucky to be joining a company I've avidly followed over the years. 

Thank you 2018, you've made me the happiest lass so far!

2. Project Fifi's Bathroom will be a-go!

Particularly excited for this one!! Since we finished our kitchen diner renovation in November, I've not been able to sit still since. I'm desperate to get the rest of the house sorted. The next project on our radar is the bathroom. It's currently a very very very tired avocado suite with asbestos tile flooring, in need of a total overhaul. See pics of it here. The work will require us knocking down the wall that separates the bathroom from the toilet to create all one space. Of course, as with any other project – I've got a pinterest board on the go already! 

See my pinterest board  HERE

See my pinterest board HERE

3. I need to get a mirror for above our mantle!

The amount of times I've shared pics of our living room and not one person has ever mentioned the elephant in the room which is – when in the hell will we be hanging something on that chimney breast!? - you're all too nice to mention it :) 

1930s living room makeover

It's been on my mind probably since the day we moved in, to get a stunning mirror for above the fire. But between planning the kitchen and trying to get other parts of the house done, I just haven't been able to find something perfect. Something tells me the mirror we get will be an antique find, full of charm/character, so I think that's why I keep holding off on getting anything, I'm waiting til the right one jumps out at me. Do you ever do that? 

I do need to stop procrastinating though, and make an active effort to look for something suitable. If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear!

4. Spend less time on social media

I love social media, don't get me wrong. It's a major part of my career, my blog and my creative life and I love the way it connects businesses to communities every minute of the day. I just came back from a Facebook conference in Brussels recently, and it taught me yet more qualities of marketing through social channels which will be so useful for my career too. But when it comes to using social media to document my personal life, something hasn't been sitting easy with me. In the last 6 months I started to think of my blog more as a business I had to show up to. This was the worst thing for me mentally. I started to not enjoy writing, photographing and sharing, because of the pressure I was creating for myself around it. Often, say if we went on a walk, or to a cute village cafe for some tea and cake, I found that I wasn't really relishing the moment and kept looking down on my phone not looking up at the person I was with, or the place I was visiting. Seeing social sharing as something you "have to do" isn't enjoying life to me. I'm changing that this year and will share what I want when it feels right and when I enjoy it. And if that means going 2 weeks without posting, I'm okay with that. 

5. See parts of the world I never thought I'd ever visit

It wasn't long after New Year's Day that Neil and I sat down to plan the holidays we'd like to save for this year. We've never travelled long haul together before. When he went to Peru last April, I went to America. So this year we're doing an "all out" holiday to experience a part of the world we've never even thought to visit before. Inspired by the Youtube channel Sailing La Vagabonde (we're obsessed!) we've decided to visit Bali in May. I can't quite believe we're going because we usually travel on UK and European breaks. This will be a trip of a lifetime, and I can't wait. We're considering doing some kind of retreat whilst we're out there. We've heard there are lots of yoga retreats that happen that time of year so any recommendations if you have any would be ace.

6. Wine, dine and just enjoy our home more

The same night we planned our holiday days and did some research about where to go, we also decided that at least once every month we would invite friends over to cook for them and just have a proper chilled night at home with our nearest and dearest. I'm especially keen to make more of celebrations and the seasons. Valentine's day, my birthday and Easter are all coming up, and I'd really like to use these occasions as excuses to dress up, dress the house up and get people over to celebrate and make more memories :)

7. Channel my style (and have a huge clear-out)

The clear-out part I've already done and it felt so good. On the 31st Dec before we headed out to party, Neil and I gave over half our clothes away to charity. We bagged up everything we never/rarely wear, anything too big/too small, and chucked it all in the charity bank near our house. Now that I'm left with about 1/4 of the clothes I used to have, my plan is to buy only staple pieces throughout the next year, and build up a more minimalist "grown up but still colourful" kinda wardrobe for myself. I dunno, I've always been a bit crap at dressing, so it excites me that I'm making more of an effort to work out my style this year. 

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Well, those are all of my plans for the coming year. Are yours in any way similar to mine? How are you going with them?

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