An interior brand I love: Design Raaga (+ win a £50 voucher to spend on your home!)

Guys,  I'm on a mission to introduce you to some of the UK's cutest interior stockists. Whether you're an interior stylist, budding interior assistant or just love finding home decoration sites to spruce up your home, I'm  introducing you to independent stockists I love.

Today I want you to say hello to  DesignRaaga .

Stick around until the end of the post, as they're offering 1 of my lucky readers £50 to spend with them!

DesignRaaga  stock unique, handmade homewares curated from artisans across the world and I'm particularly head over heels with my eclectic cushions from here, as seen in last week's post "The easy (cost effective) way to bring an eclectic vibe to your living room"

The word "Raaga" fittingly means melody and harmony,  which is exactly what every object will bring to your home or interior look.  Stunning products like the bright  patterned ceramics, block print table  linen   and  paisley patterned quilts  all have a really eclectic, boho feel that makes me think there's a story behind them. Conversation starting homeware is my favourite. 

Take a look at DesignRaaga's offerings if you want a more "well travelled" cultural feel to the pieces you buy for your home. Visit the store at

Nandita, the lovely founder behind DesignRaaga would like to offer one of you £50 to spend all to yourself on her store. There are some really beautiful pieces, so don't miss out on this one. 

All you have to do is follow my blog on bloglovin' for a chance to win and subscribe to DesignRaaga's mailing list. There's lots more bonus entries to be had too, so get stuck in via the Rafflecopter below. 

N.B - The winner will be announced on   Thursday 19th November,   you'll get an email from me if you've been picked. Please note this is open to UK residents only and entries must be completed with the correct url left as proof. The winning entry will be checked and picked  again if an unknown link or name is left.

Good luck!

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The easy (cost effective) way to bring an eclectic vibe to your living room

Eclectic living room looks ››
Rug: Oliver Bonas, Candle: Home Sense, Frame: Oliver Bonas, Mustard cushions: Arlo + Jacob, Charcoal cushions: Oliver Bonas, Patterned cushions: DesignRaaga

I love my chesterfield sofa. 

But for the last couple of months it's looked a bit too, I don't know, traditional?

Sometimes I love the traditional vibe. Sometimes I want it to feel a bit more modern. Sometimes I just want colour.

It's the age old problem when decorating a space - you don't want to decorate it so much that you can't change it when you're bored. I decided to take an eclectic direction styling my sofa as it captures the colour elements I've wanted and it's easy for me to swap around when I want a different vibe. 
With little to no cash, I had to get creative. So I've shared a few simple tips to bring an eclectic vibe to any space on a budget.

Eclectic living room looks ››

1. Use accessories from other rooms

Cushions, small rugs and props that currently have homes in other parts of your house can be brought into the space you're wanting to style. Look for eclectic bits and pieces that you may have stashed away somewhere, or rehome an item from the bedroom to the living room to give it a new lease of life. Accessories are always an investment when shopping as they're easily moved, stored and swapped around when your mood wants something different. 

2. Layer rugs you already own

Layering rugs is really on trend at the mo, and so easily achieved as long as you have a mix of rugs in your home that could potentially sit well together. I've taken a textured mink sheepskin rug from Oliver Bonas and layered it over our Persian rug from Wayfair for a cosy look. 

3. Make use of furniture... even if it's not furniture :)

Neil's got this lovely Marshall Amp that usually just sits in the corner of our living room. I really like the retro, eclectic look they have so yes - you guessed it - I claimed it as my own to stand in place of a side table we have yet to own. If you want a side table and don't have the funds to buy one (like me) try and get creative using stacks of books, stacks of magazines, a stool, a chair etc etc and don't just look around one room for the items... look all around your home and in charity shops.
Eclectic living room looks ››
Geometric coloured cushion: DesignRaaga, Monochrome patterned cushion: DesignRaaga

4. Eclectic means anything goes, so mix and match cushions or make new cushion covers for next to nothing

I absolutely adore my collection of cushions. I'll go as far to say it's not really a collection any more, it's more a problem. I have tonnes that sit under my bed (I can't find any better storage, any tips?) and my habit of buying them means they're all representative of different interior looks I've longed for in the past - that is, none of them match. Are you the same? Good news is this totally works for eclectic vibes. Get your old cushions out and stack them together even in the don't all look the same. Or recover your cushions in mustard and patterned fabrics. 

Just some punchy tips for you there. You might also fancy reading 11 things to add to your kitchen for a cottage feel ››

Knock 'em dead with your eclectic styling,

Fi xoxo