The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide: For the men in your family

Is it just me or are the men in your family unbelievably hard to buy for at Christmas? Partners, Dads, Brother in laws, it’s such a challenge. It’s not uncommon for me to ask Neil what he’d like for Christmas so that I know he’ll be happy with it, but then add in a few surprises/stocking fillers to open up. It’s just so much easier… For this gift guide though, I’ve actually called on Neil to help. These are Men’s Christmas gift ideas as signed off by a man… so there’s bound to be something they’ll like in here, hey?

Hope it helps make the men in your life happy fellas! And be warned… If you’re used to interior talk on my blog, things are about to get a whole lot techy !

Thanks for reading,

Fi (and Neil)

If you’re splashing out on a ‘main’ present… (between the £100-£150 mark)

Sonos 1 Christmas Gift The Best Deals

Sonos Play:1, Amazon (Prime & Standard Delivery)

We have a few Sonos Play 1 speakers in our house now and I couldn’t imagine a home without one. It hooks up to wifi allowing him to play millions of Spotify songs, Podcasts and Playlists when cooking in the kitchen, or chilling in the lounge / bedroom. We have 2 speakers that hook up either side of our sofa with Flexson Floor stands (spot them on the pic above) which also offer surround sound on the TV. What’s more, they look SO much more appealing in the home than almost all other speakers, and the sound output is incredible.

We purchased our first one on Amazon, then started collecting more for the rest of the house so we can hear music as we walk through rooms. We opted for White but if he prefers more classic speakers they come in Black too.

Roberts Radio, Amazon (Prime & Standard Delivery)

An old time classic, perfect for your Dad’s office or somewhere he can listen to his radio shows. If your partner is kinda trendy he’ll love this too. They are all over Instagram at the moment, no doubt you’ll be using it to style up the corners of your home!! Gorgeous colour selection available, have a look.

Holy Stone HS230 Racing Drone, Amazon (Prime & Standard Delivery)

I bought Neil a really rubbish drone for £50 3 years ago because all other drones at the time were up on £600! But now it seems like the higher spec models are coming down in price. If you want to get your other half something like this, I’d go for this one. Some great reviews on it. It’s £129.99 which strikes me as SO reasonable for a drone that records HD video and looks like it’s super fast. He will have hours and hours of fun playing with this on Christmas Day (and beyond!)

Millennium Falcon Lego, Amazon (Prime & Standard Delivery)

OK so even I’m geeking out at this. Neil is so shocked this is around the £100 mark as we’ve seen them retail at £500 before!! If your hubby is a Star Wars fan he’ll probably open this on Christmas Day, pick you up and throw you around the room with excitement. Well at least I hope he does!

Building the Millennium Falcon Lego is a dream come true, and will keep him (and your kids?) entertained and out of the way for the whole Christmas period.

If you’re looking for less expensive presents (between the £15 - £50 mark)


THIS gorgeous scarf to keep him cosy on walks

Does he like coffee? I can’t believe how affordable this Tassimo Coffee machine is

THESE lambswool moccasin slippers, how about getting his & her matching pairs?

THESE cosy fair isle socks for when he’s cycling to work

THIS will forever remind me of my brother (it’s so nice!)

Does he like beer? I bought THIS for Neil last Christmas which looks so cute in the house

If he travels a lot THIS would be such a thoughtful (and stylish!) gift

EDIT!! I’ve found lots more…

What’s on your shopping list ‘For Him’ this year? Let’s swap ideas in the comments below, or on Instagram!

This post contains affiliate links but I only recommend companies I have purchased from and love.

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