To iron bed sheets or not to iron bed sheets? Here's my secret

I'm not gunna lie, I regularly have conversations in my head about whether or not it's acceptable for me to continue not ironing the bed sheets I own.

Some days I feel like I'm failing at life for not having the flat immaculate, with ironed towels, pillow cases, bed linen all neatly stacked in the cupboard. 

Other days I almost have a fit laughing at why I ever considered ironing in the first place. 

We live in a one bedroom flat that can barely justify storing a fold up chair never mind a full ironing board.  

And so that's always been my excuse... 

You probably think I'm stark mad writing a post about a topic that's as unimportant as this but I'm curious to hear what side of the fence do you lie on? 

After doing a bit of googling around, I wanted to see arguments pro spending your whole weekend strapped to an ironing board pressing sheets only for you to crease them when you're tossing and turning in bed anyway.  

Those who do it, impress hell out of me. Where do you find the time? What's your motivation? Give me a piece of it.

In my google travels I found out that certain types of let's say, 'more luxurious' cotton bed linen (i.e the upper end expensive bed sheets) actually need a lot of maintenance to keep them in good condition, that other bed linen of 'lesser quality' need. 

This got me really thinking. 

I own 2 or 3 duvet sets (I'd have lots more if our flat was bigger, trust me) most of which cost average of about £80-100 a set. They're more upper end price wise but not ridiculously expensive.

They're classic cotton, soft and fine quality and really are my pride and joy. That is, until they come out of the wash.

They get so creased up on laundry day it's shameful just hanging them out on the washing line never mind dressing the bed with them. 

If you're a photographer, blogger like me, or have a keen eye for styling, you'll know the feeling of tirelessly styling photos so there isn't a pin out of place. I take a lot of interior shots for this blog, lots that regularly include bed sheets and I've often found myself having to throw away photos because the bed linen just looked too creased and crumpled in the photos. 

The solution to all my ironing frets

As you can probably sense, this ironing problem had been bugging me for ages. I'm pretty sure though, 6 months on from a pivotal disaster photo shoot where I threw all my toys out of the pram, that I've found the solution. 

First of all, can I just say that I have in NO way shape or form been endorsed by the makers of the product I'm about to share. I was just way too impressed with the results, that I just had to share it with you. 

The secret to giving up hours spent ironing?

I bought a bottle of Crease Release from Amazon, a solution you spray directly onto clean dry laundry, then give it a slight stretch, and watch the creases minimise by about 80%.  

The reviews on Amazon really don't do it justice but I highly recommend it for photo shoots, quick fix bed sheets before guests arrive, and for the days you're rushing out the door and don't have time to get the iron over your skirt.  

To prove to you it works, here's the before and after shots of a crumpled skirt I own.  





Its pretty miraculous, right? So miraculous in fact that it's made me consider buying new, high quality bed sheets as I now know I can take care of them in a way that fits with my rushed lifestyle. 

I now have my eye on House of Fraser's Luxury Hotel collection bed linen, for the clean lines and crisp look.

There's just something about pinstripe bedding that makes me always opt for it over plain bed linen. I've always thought vertical stripes on a bed elongate rooms drawing the eye up to a feature piece of art hanging above the bed, say. The House of Fraser Dobby Stripe Bedding range in White therefore wins my vote. I'm really considering buying it for our new house seeing as we'll have more space to store duvet sets and 2 more beds to decorate an' all. 

Have a look at Crease Release on Amazon and see if it's for you. No, this is not an affiliate link or endorsed by the company. Just a recommendation to help you get more spare time in your life. 

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