Christmas Gift Ideas FOR Brothers

Brothers can be a bit tricky to buy for at Christmas because they never say what they want! Hopefully my list of gift ideas for brothers will help you come up with some cool presents to make him happy Christmas day :)

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Under £25

Between £25-£50

Over £50

  • I got Neil this Lumie Bodyclock years ago and he loves it. It’s a great present for a brother, other half or Dad too.

  • The Fitbit Inspire watch is dubbed to be one of the most popular Christmas presents to gift people this year.

  • My bro is really into retro Adidas trainers and t-shirts. You could get your brother a pair of Adidas Gazelles maybe?

  • He also loves Pretty Green (it’s a mod, amazing quality brand by Liam Gallagher if you don’t know them) and my plan is to pick him up some Pretty Green bits on Get The Label as it’s significantly cheaper.

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