Christmas Gift Ideas FOR Dad (or Dad-in-law)

As if men weren’t hard enough to buy for already, throw into the mix your Dad or Dad-in-law who keeps saying they’re happy receiving nothing and you’ve got a potentially stressful present-buying experience ahead!

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Not with these ideas though I hope…

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Under £25

  • Get him a shower radio to listen to in the mornings and show him how to get it all set up

  • If he loves a country walk gift him this book and plan one together for the New Year

  • Or what about a game like Think Fast or this Pub Quiz that you can all play on Christmas Day?

  • If he’s the cheeky sort he’ll laugh his head off at Cards Against Humanity

Between £25 - £50

Over £50

  • What about a set of binoculars? I got Neil this set one year and we love watching the birds in the garden with them. They’re pretty decent quality as well given they are on the affordable end of the spectrum.

  • As far as men’s gift sets go, this is pretty nice containing an expensive hat and scarf - great if he’s always outdoors

  • Or gift him this hamper. Snack heaven!

  • If he’s into his tech or working on improving his health, how about a fit bit?

  • Or this gift set for ultimate relaxation.

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