Over the years, writing this interior blog and renovating 2 homes, I've racked up a long list of tips, tricks, and experience within the interior world that I knew nothing about before I started. Renovating a house is tough work, and I'd love to have had help with it all.

5 years on, there's still a lot of decorating to do in my house (will it ever be finished?) but friends and family all swing by for a cuppa before they start any decoration project so that we can have a one-on-one home decor power chat to get them proper started on their vision, their plans, their budget and more.

We call them power chats because they kick start ideas and planning. Not just for big projects but small projects too, even just decorating a wall in some cases.

We go over all possible options together, get excited about colour palettes and discuss how to make the most of the potential of their room and their budget, pulling in the right supplies.

I've even been able to pull in trade discounts for friends thanks to the contacts I've made through my blog, helping them save money on their renovations.

A few friends suggested that I offer power chats to anyone who reads my blog too, and I jumped at the idea. In person isn't mandatory (thank God for Skype) but having a cuppa beside you is!

If you're interested in a one-on-one home decor power chat about your next home decor project drop me a line :)




1 full hour power chat with me is £40 for the first hour, £30 for all subsequent hours. You'll leave with a clearer vision, ideas, colour options, advice, suppliers lists, things to avoid, realistic budget thoughts and more...