7 ways to optimise every inch of storage space in your bedroom

Bedroom storage is one of the most difficult and let's face it, yawn-worthy elements to decorating a home. If your bedroom is a loft conversion, there are awkward angles stopping you from buying free-standing storage furniture. If you're living in a period home, you've got to be creative with how to use alcove space for storage or it the layout looks a bit blah. And if you're living in a new build, you tackle the issue of bringing character to a room whilst being practical. I've always struggled with storage solutions.

Living in a 1 bedroom flat means pretty much everything we own (towels, bed linen, clothes) have to be stored in our bedroom, so I'm no stranger to googling ways to use every inch of space to my advantage.

Here's what I've come up with on my research travels. Not all of these I've implemented, but I hope some help you get creative with your use of space.



1. Use your alcove as desk space

I got the inspiration for this from my friend Maxine of We Love Home who sent me some progress shots on her living room renovation a while back. She installed brackets and some wood inside an alcove to make it a desk area. I thought it was a genius idea. Alcoves can be awkward particularly if they're a little too small to fit furniture inside. Plus, I've always thought free standing furniture looks a bit amateur sitting inside alcoves (even though my whole flat is full of it ha!) fitted shelving is a much better look!

2. Maximise your wardrobe space by adding in more shelves

This is particularly easy if your current wardrobe is an Ikea finest, or flat packed veneer furniture. Furniture like this usually has inner holes that allow you to adjust shelf height. If there is vacant space inside your wardrobe, think about buying some timber to fit the width and install an extra shelf inside. It's a life changer and a lot easier to do than you might think.

3. Under bed storage

It would amaze you to hear how many people don't take into account the opportunity to buy yourself storage space when bed buying. People opt for the prettiest bed they can afford and hit the buy button without really considering how low the frame sits - will it fit storage boxes or suitcases underneath? - or whether there are drawers that sit inside divan beds. If you're on the market for a new bed, don't just fall for the nicest looking. Opt for practicality alongside style and opt for a divan bed or frame with enough storage for wheely boxes to store CD's, books, or last season's clothes.



4. Make use of a blank wall with peg boards

Ply wood is fantastic as a DIY for this. Simply measure and cut to size the wood, drilling small holes equal distance apart to fit hooks. Use the hooks to hang bags, accessories and jewellery, or install mini shelves for plants and books to sit on your pegboard too.

5. Organise your lifetime of shoes with fabric shoe organisers

These might seem like an obvious option but they're just too good not to mention in this list. Shoe organisers sit neatly behind doors of cupboards or wardrobe doors, meaning you won't be left with a mountain of shoes to trip over in your hallway.

6. Use pretty boxes to sit on top of tall furniture

Tall wardrobes often have vacant space above them that is suitable to store keepsakes in boxes. The kinds of items you don't want to throw away, but you don't need often, like photo albums and spare duvet sets are perfectly well homed in places like this. You could opt for some jazzy designs to look the part too.

7. Swap side tables for bedside drawers

I'd love to live in a home big enough so that I didn't need to make sure every item of furniture I buy provides storage as well as being beautiful. I love side tables, but they really aren't practical for storage solutions or small spaces. Opt for something with at least one drawer in, or buy a table that has enough space underneath to sit some nice wicker baskets.

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