We've opened our own studio!

Business Influencer + Author Stylist and Photographer
Fifi and Elements Photographer and Stylist duo

Hey friends, 

Did you read my post Why I took a 2 month hiatus (+ Why you should have one too) last week? Well I have some news for you sharing a bit more about what I spent my time doing (which you can probably guess from the title, hey?)

Neil and I have officially launched our photography + styling studio: www.elements.studio

What is the studio all about?

Elements has actually been around and run by Neil since 2012. He started the business primarily to help small businesses create affordable, high quality photos and videos that amplify their stories and bring life to their brands. And since then he has worked with some truly influential communities, founders and authors. 

In the past few years, I've hopped in to help him style various client projects simply because it was too fun not to be involved in shoots... so here it is. Today marks the official launch day of both of us re-branding and opening the studio as a stylist + photography duo, here to continue shooting authors, brands and small businesses. 

Fifi McGee Elements Styling and Photography Studio for brands
Fifi McGee Stylist Brighton

How did this all come about, don't you have a full time job?

In December 2016, I quit my full time job in the search for an entrepreneurial path. For those of you who don't know, I used to work in startups, marketing, event management + occasional styling for The Happy Startup School in Brighton. 

I worked there for 5 years, watching as startups failed and succeeded, experimenting with photos, videos and concepts that really worked and didn't work for our marketing. I helped build the community to be a flourishing 50K+ happy startups across the world. 

It was an incredible role and it gave me an eye for design, commercial appeal and telling brand stories authentically, that I could never have got this fast working elsewhere.

Fifi McGee Stylist Elements Photographer Brighton

Why did you leave?

Good question!

Since day 1 I knew I wanted to run my own business, doing work I love day in day out. Every Happy Startup School event and gathering I helped plan, style and attend, the fire in my belly only grew bigger, meeting with dreamers and hearing stories of how they work remotely, take time off when they like, make all the decisions or none if they choose, and how the sky is the limit for how much profit they can make. The community there has kept that fire in my belly smouldering.  

Fast forward 1,825 days and a few tears later, and I left my job as Chief Happiness Officer to go part time with another incredible company called Do What You Love and do my own thing part time too. 

Side note: If it wasn't for my role at Do What You Love and the flexibility, support and encouragement from the team I work remotely with, I would not be able to do any of this. SO much gratitude coming their way <3

So for 3 days a week I work as a project manager and stylist for Do What You Love, and 2 days a week I work for myself – Elements and my blog. 

Fifi McGee + Elements Styling + Photography for Events, Businesses, Authors and Brands

Why are you opening a studio?

The truth is, this opportunity fell into mine and Neil's laps and was long overdue. Let me explain, quick...

For the last 8 years Neil has been photographing weddings, events, bands, influencers and businesses, and for the last 5 of those years I've worked with him to style shoots for his clients and this interior blog. 

We both have a big passion for producing high quality images that make people feel something.

His skills in photographing, my skills in styling, and the commercial knowledge I built up where I got to experience first hand which images tell your story well, and which don't (which, when you have it down to a T, is the recipe for nailing sales) makes us a very complimentary team. 

We've been working together as a team long before our launch today, but since giving up my full time job, having an idea I felt really passionate about, then losing my way a little, I found myself in a state of misunderstanding, trying to work out what I ADORED doing and what I need to do more of. 

That's when the idea for our collaboration came together.

Sometimes you don't have to invent a whole new business idea (which I did, and failed at by the way) the answers are often in the things that make you come alive. The things you're already doing, and doing well. 

So Fifi + Elements are in partnership, and I am so very excited to work on doing something we love for the brands we love. 

Thanks for listening! xo

P.S It would mean the world to us if you could follow us on instagram. We're @elements.studio and on there and we've began to share our journey as a stylist + photographer duo. Hope you follow us on our shoots and adventures :)