10 home hacks to deal with clutter

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A home isn’t a home without bits and bobs dotted around to make it feel cosy, lived in and familiar. But it’s easy to let the bits and bobs take over and clutter up spaces, ruining the decor you worked so hard on.

Meanwhile, everyone seems to be on the Marie Kondo hype, sending anything that’s not screwed down to the bin. But we think that with a little clever organisation, clutter can be a thing of the past and you can find organised bliss in any room. Cue the genius little gadgets that do the organising for us and make home clutter that bit more manageable.

You can thank us later ;-)

Home hack #1: Learn to love laundry

Brababtia 1.jpg
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Ironing is a chore as the best of times, not to mention having to wrestle the ironing board if out awkward corners when the weekly chores roll around. Make use of laundry wall space and forget the worries if the iron is still hot. As a bonus, the cable will also be kept our of harm’s way.

Brabantia ironing board holder - Amazon

Home hack #2: In a tangle

Hair drier 1.jpg

How many times have you tripped over the cable from your drier or straightener? Or spent way too long trying to untangle it from the drawer? Not to mention the fire hazard that messy cables and rogue small electricals can pose. Keep it all in order with this wall mounted cable tidy and holder. This nifty piece of kit also doubles up as a holster while you’re using your appliances so there’s no nasty burns involved.

Direct Online holder and cable tidy - Amazon


Home hack #3: Mop it up

Mop 1.jpg

Goodbye nightmare laundry rooms! Mop, brooms and dusters flying around is kind unavoidable wherever you choose to store them. Small and sleek, this mop holder solves all your laundry room woes. It has five handle holders and six hooks that pop out to hold smaller things like dusters. Plus, hanging up a wet mop is a good way to stop it going musty in a bucket.

Kingtop mop holder - Amazon


Home hack #4: Keep it neat

Chuck it in the drawer and worry about it later, right? Ample drawer space can easily get out of hand when everything gets all jumbled. These separators can be made longer or shorter to fit your drawers and are a super easy way to make compartments for anything you can fit in them. They’re also infinitely reusable for when your storage needs change.

Like-Very adjustable drawer organisers, 4 pack - Amazon


Home hack #5: Bin it

We like to do our bit with household waste so recycling papers, plastics, glass and even food waste is high on the agenda. The downside is this tends to mean having multiple bins so you’re sorting it correctly. Joseph Joseph have come to the rescue with a handy (and design forward) products yet again. This intelligent recycling unit has space for general waste, two cycling compartments and a lift out food caddy, all in a sleep unit available in six snazzy colourways.

Joseph Joseph intelligent recycling unit - Amazon

Home hack #6: Time to wrap up

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a healthy (read: excessive) collection of gift wrap and accompanying ribbons etc. But it’s not exactly the easiest to store. If you try to hide the rolls under furniture they just roll out or get damaged so you can’t use them. This nifty bag will make wrapping a cinch and keep the paper in super condition, ready for your next wrap-a-thon. We love the carry handlers for when your wrapping collection needs to travel.

Fineway gift wrap cylinder - Amazon


Home hack #7: On your bike

Bike holder.jpg

You might remember that we’re big fans of a country cycle, but, unless you’ve got a huge garage, bikes take up big spaces and tend to be a bit of a trip hazard. The only way is up! Hoist your wheels onto this budget-friendly ceiling rack, secured by a sturdy wall tie and it won’t damage the hardware either. No more flat tyres while they sit in the shed!

Relaxdays cycle rack - Amazon


Home hack #8: Keep it hidden

Sometimes it’s not organisation we need, it’s space. If you’re short on places to put things in your home, take a look at these storage chests. It comes in a really convenient size for hiding bits and bobs and looks pretty good in the linen weave in a grey tone but comes in four other options, too. Plus the padded top means it doubles up as a seat, perfect for in the bedroom or emergency living room seat for unexpected guests.

Songmics ottoman - Amazon


Home hack #9: It’s play time

Whether you’ve got children or pets running around the house or just struggle to keep your creative space contained, we’re wondering why we didn’t think of this giant draw string bag sooner. It’ll keep Lego, toys or other small objects in a designated space and it’s super easy to pack up and store when play time is over. No more little building bricks in the bottom of the feet!

Gr8 Home drawstring organiser - Amazon


Home hack #10: Be cool

Say hello to these handy little compartments that attach to fridge shelves and make use of spare space that usually goes to waste. Each pack of four can hold the likes of small veg, eggs or sauces. No more loose food flying of shelves when you open the door. They’re also ventilated, easily cleaned a feature a smart slide design.

HapiLeap fridge organiser, 4 pieces - Amazon

Have you guys tried any of these? If so, please share with us in the comments below or get in touch. If you’re struggling on the cleaning front, take a peek at my top tips for getting your house ship shape from top to bottom.

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