12 colours that go well with grey

Grey is the new black.

No, scrap that, it’s so much better.

Grey is chic, stylish, flexible, trans-seasonal, comes in a plethora of shades and colours go so well with grey. It’s been a trend for so many years now and for good reason. We’ve chosen neutral shades throughout our house and it proves to be such a smart choice when it comes to investing in furnishings.

Who said neutral colours are safe and boring when you can masterfully use grey in every room of the house and still give each one its own character by carefully adding other colours that tie in perfectly?!

So if you’re reading this and you’re decorating, on the look out for colours that work well with grey, read on… We’ve tapped into the best aesthetic matches to bring you roundup of which colours to complement your shade. From dove to pewter, slate, charcoal and fog, we’re embracing every shade of grey with all the glorious pairings.

Help yourself to tonal heaven below!

1. Burnt orange

A match made in heaven! Burnt orange hues have a knack of both breaking up and tying together shades of grey. We say the more the merrier when it comes to decking out your space in burnt oranges and you’ll change the atmosphere to a feel homely and yet carefully considered. Plus, if you’re going for a big change, burnt orange works wonderfully with so many of the other shades on this list so keep reading.

2. Bright lime

Go big and go bold. It’s easy to shy away from bright shades any of any colour but added in healthy doses, lime gives a space such fantastic energy. Don’t be shy with it, try choosing wallpapers, ornate furniture and plentiful throw cushions. Lime is best paired with lighter greys to really lift the feel, particular if you’re limited with natural light.

3. Blush pink

Dainty shades of pale pink have a wonderful way of softening any room, even with the presence of chunky furniture or low ceilings. Try combining this pairing of blush with bare wood surfaces to channel modern minimalism. Lighter shades of grey work best but even towards the slate-end of the scale, you can lift the whole feeling and keep it airy. You could even throw in some navy if the room needs to feel more gender-neutral.

4. Cherry red

Embrace cosy vibes full of character with scintillating shades of red. Deep tones go well with colder greys such as slate and combine to give a curated cool feel without the effort. Choose a little or a lot to balance up the grey in your room. You really can’t go wrong with it. 

5. Sunshine yellow

If you’ve ever been concerned that grey will make your space feel cold, think again. Any grey with an undertone of blue or green will pair perfectly with shades of sunshine and daffodil. Unlike with lime, try to choose your yellow additions carefully so your space doesn’t feel too overwhelming. Carefully selected small yellow furnishings in grey colour schemes will really pop with brilliant contrast. After all, with winter approaching, we all need a little more sunshine in our lives. 

6. Simple white

This one’s a no-brainer. Monochrome colour schemes have always been a winner when it comes to timeless interiors choices. But the new take on a softer choice of grey is far more cosy than the stark contrast of classic black and white. Best of all, you can work your way through various tones  of grey across the space and it’ll all tie together like a painting. Focus on cooler shades for the best effect. 

7. Indigo blue

Turn the usual dominant grey situation on its head and use navy to make it pop out as the supporting  shade. Opt for a dove grey to let the darker navy hues really do their thing. As with other combinations, you can blend your lighter grey shades all the way up to white to keep the space light and airy. Indigo also works really well on hard surfaces such as kitchens to give depth to ordinary textures. 

8. Mustard

Channel muted tones by adding warm, cosy mustard to your space. There’s no limits when it comes to this colour combo, go light, go dark, go anywhere in between. All greys are safe. If you feel like your space is lacking natural light, throw in some dashes of white to lift the overall palette.  Mustard can be a strong and takes over easily so choose your furnishings carefully for the most effective finish. 

9. Foliage green

Neil and I are big fans of the emerging craze of green-thumbed homemakers filling making their spaces leafy havens with plants of all shapes and sizes. We kinda wish we were more like them! If you have the same desires, try pairing foliage shades with similar verdant wall colours or smaller parts of furnishings. We think that leafy colours fit dreamily into grey bedrooms but you could try adding green to kitchens to break up monotone schemes and give them an edge.

10. Lilac

Try opting for a lighter grey to bring out the warm tones with delicate lilac hues. Think soft furnishings like throws or throw cushions. When paired together, these two tones give a dreamy feel which is perfect for the bedroom or a little girl’s room / nursery. This colour works really well with floral accents too, which is a superb reason to bring more blooms into the bedroom. Change the floral prints seasonally to keep the look current.

11. Black

Pairing black and grey together can make for a very powerful combination. Whichever shade of green you’re sporting in your space, adding black in thoughtful small furnishings can make a chic space feel very intimate. Be careful not to let black become to dominate shade, instead allow it to highlight your favourite features. 

12. Natural wood

Think fresh, clean, minimal and rustic. If you’re looking really channel a cool aesthetic, then it’s natural wood all the way. For grey, choose shades on the lightest end of the scale and pair them with pure white, avoiding most other colours if possible. Your space will look like it’s worth thousands with all the effort of simple whites and unfinished furnishings. 

Have you made a home for grey in your interiors? What other shades have you paired with them? We’d love to see! We’re big fans of neutral combinations but wish we could be more inventive with colour. So get the conversation going below in the comments or send us in some images. We’d LOVE to see them!

Thanks for reading, hope this inspires you to dream up an amazing colour scheme for your home.

Fifi & Neil xoxo

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