Bye, we're off to Peru! But first, a mini home office decor update...

small office space update

We’re wrapping up our last emails and blog posts here on Fifi McGee today as we’re off on an adventure of a lifetime starting this Friday – the Amazon Rainforest is calling!

That’s right, we’re spending the whole of September travelling Peru and Bolivia, doing the classic gringo trail stopping at Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest, the Bolivian salt flats, and more.

Before we go though, I was desperate to show you my favourite home products from Studio’s new Autumn collection, as I’ve managed to give my home office a bit of a spruce with such simple accessories.

If you’re curious, read more about why I’m a brand ambassador for Studio here, and if you want to see more affordable home decor, keep scrolling!

How I’ve styled my home office with Autumn home favourites from Studio

llama doorstop
Saffi rug

First on my list was the absolute must have home accessory on Studio’s website currently. This stunning Saffi rug, a Moroccan inspired deep pile rug that instantly brings a cosy feel to our bare wooden floor boards.

In this small office space, any kind of noise like music or typing loudly on keyboards doesn’t have the nicest acoustics down to the lack of soft furnishings to dull the sound, so it’s been on my list to get a rug for the room to soften it up.

This is a total steal at £49.99, with larger sizes available ranging in price. The best part? Feeling how soft it is under my feet as I type this blog post. I could literally roll around on it all day!

office storage boxes

Now, if you’re anything like me you’re the type to leave clutter like bills, wallpaper samples, and various notebooks lying around your office space creating a bit of a mess. I really like to chuck everything in a tidy-away so when I spotted this 2 pack of linen storage boxes, I knew they’d be perfect for dumping my office paraphernalia inside when I’m doing a quick tidy.

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I also fell head over heels for this Bracken Voile Panel which is so different than the usual plain voiles I go for. It’s a nod to nature, and that’s always inspiring to have more of in an office space. I opted for the grey print, although they do have a green option which is SO beautiful and would look gorgeous in a little boy’s room. Again, very affordable if you’re looking for window decoration on a budget!

There’s only 1 voile per pack, so buy 2 if you want them to open and hang like conventional curtains.

bracken patterned curtain
small office ideas
styling a small desk
small office space ideas

My desk has gone through a lot of style iterations over the years and I’ve never been overjoyed with it. Up until now, the wall has had a rainbow of post its all over it from when I was producing my online course for house renovators, so it’s been refreshing to give it a tidy up.

Sticking with the theme of nature, with Autumn coming in, this Gold Heart Framed Print really caught my eye. Neil is a huge tree lover, and we’ve been keeping an eye out for more art work that incorporates trees and nature for the house, so I was pleased when I discovered this in Studio’s Autumn homeware.

I think it frames the backdrop to my desk nicely, and no nails required :)

white company dupe candle

What is an office space without fresh fragrances to inspire you? :) I really love this ‘white company dupe’ scandi look candle in Bergamot & Ginger. It’s from Studio’s Liberty candle range and looks so much more expensive than what it’s retailing for. I have it lit beside me as I’m typing this, and it’s filling the room with a sweet fragrant scent.

Finally, I couldn’t help myself…

llama doorstop

I’m just too excited for Peru on Friday, I couldn’t let this cheeky little llama door stop from Studio’s Autumn homeware pass me up!

Have you spotted anything you like in Studio’s new Autumn homeware collection? Visit the Studio website for a nose around, and then come back here and tell me what you love in the comments below.

I’m thrilled with my new office refresh! It’s going to make returning home from Peru/Bolivia much more bearable come October. An inspiring workspace is always a good investment in my book :)

Thanks for reading!

Fifi xoxo

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