Fifi is shortlisted for the #BloggersBlogAwards

willow and hall foot stool - interior blogger

Hey cushion loving friends, 

I bring you exciting news as I sit amongst the dust and rubble that is my house at the moment (project #fifiskitchen has begun!) The house looks nothing like my picture above by the way, it's a mess. Although we did light a fire the other night... in AUGUST. True story.

Anyway, last night my phone started vibrating in a flurry. Tweets! Lots of tweets! When I read them it cued me to dancing around the rather dusty house in pure excitement. 

I just found out my blog has been shortlisted for the Bloggers Blog Awards Best Home Design/Interiors blog in association with Highgate Beds. 

I can't tell what has made me more happy, being shortlisted or being shortlisted alongside some of my FAVOURITE bloggers ever including Swoon Worthy, A Branch of Holly, Don't Cramp My Style and many more...

Blogging can be a lonely hobby when you sit and write each post. Sometimes you worry whether you're just talking to yourself, but once in a while I get the shock of my life that people are unbelievably nice enough to take time out to vote for little ol' me. 

Sending a big thank you out to the blogging Gods and those who voted for me to make this happen, and if you're reading this, us bloggers need your help...

Please take a few minutes to show your support and vote to your favourite blogs in each category to win. You can cast your vote on Tea Party Beauty's blog below. Scroll to the bottom of the post to access the nominations form.

Blowing kisses from my cave of a house, photo proof below. 

Fifi x

1930s house renovation - fifi mcgee's interior blog
1930s house renovation progress - interior blogger