Things I'm crazy over #1

My (relatively) new mary jane topshop shoeies, £12

I'm certainly no fashionista, but the minute I saw these little shoes looking up at me as I was browsing through the Topshop sale, aherm elbows at the ready, I knew I had to shove past every girl in there and grab them.

We took these photos on a dank (God I hate that word) day in Brighton - I thought they brought a little bit of sunshine to the rainy patio :)

They look so good with opaque tights, adding a pop of colour. I love 'em.

This is the first of a new feature - Things I'm crazy over. I get a bit obsessed with stuff for short bursts of time then most likely throw things to the back of the wardrobe for 5 years. Or I'll eat something over and over until it makes me feel a bit sick (like Tomato soup and milky ways) and never eat them again. Here's where I'll document it all for nosy types like me :) Why don't you do this feature too? Tweet me if you do!