My favourite place in Hove...

Weirdly, moving from Brighton all my life, to living in Hove feels like I've flown half way across the country living somewhere completely alien to me! There are SO many places I have yet to discover this end of town. The first few times I walked home from work I found myself getting lost around the seven dials, no joke. I've lived here for 23 years and still don't know my way round. It's worrying.

There's one place 'Hove actually bound' that I've visited since I was in secondary school though, all those 8 years ago. I even remember going here with mascara running down my eyes after breaking up with my first teenage romance and stuffing my face with cheesy chips and sorbet for hours. It's the good ol' family run business - and famous round these parts - Marrocco's. Known for their authentic Italian ice cream parlour directly looking out to sea and incredible Italian menu, I forgot how much I loved the place returning there after so long.

Neil & I took a walk there after work one day and chilled at the beach with an ice cream. It brought back lots of mems of my teenage years and it's on my list of places to head for dinner soon.