Why a calm interior is the most inspiring to style

Calm, relaxing interior mood board for bedrooms

I've been doing some client work on a really colourful office space these past few weeks. It's the most fun project I've ever been involved with, but also pretty draining in terms of the focus on vibrant colours - like I'm actually all coloured out. Planning for a really 'out there' atmosphere has meant that every time I work on it, I'm so in the 'vibrant' zone, that I end up knackering myself out. How is this possible? Ha.

It got me thinking. Calming interiors are really inspiring to style. It's like they aren't as needy as coloured spaces. You can throw any amount of soothing colours at a white wall, and it's so versatile that it just works, giving you the added freedom to change things when you want something different. 

It's Graham & Brown's very first National Wallpaper week this week (5th - 11th October) and throughout these 7 days they've been focusing on the 7 feelings of wallpaper. You know, the feelings great decoration evokes when you walk in to a room. Wallpapers have spellbinding power to rooms and transform not only the look, but the whole atmosphere too.

Yesterday looked at romantic rooms. Today, it's all about calm, relaxing looks. 

I thought I'd take this as an opportunity to do something different, away from the colour blocking needs of the office I'm helping design, and pull together a mood board reflecting calmness and serenity. 

*breathes a relaxing sigh*

Whites, greys, herringbone flooring, mixed with the odd geometric print and a splash of nature - I love you.

Graham + Brown have some swoon worthy calming wallpapers too, my fave of which is the Verdant Grey pattern that subtly brings the outdoors in. 

There are lots of fun events happening all across the country for National Wallpaper Week, including a quick masterclass in wallpapering at various B&Q branches. If there's one in Brighton, I'm signing up to learn some tips and tricks.

What do you think of calm interiors? Are you more of a vibrant, colour person?

Fiona xoxo