Her gift to me

Who else thinks, like me, that March is the most delightful month? I might be a bit biased, it’s the month I was born, I turned 26 just last week, but it also marks 3 other important dates of the year.

The first is Spring.

March 20th marks the first day of Spring, the birth of life, budding flowers, little lambs in the fields, days out where you might get away with not wearing a jumper under your coat – I love Spring. It’s brighter in the mornings and evenings and so your day feels more full of opportunity, more time to do the things you love.

The second is International Women’s Day, just passed.

The 8th March. A celebration to commemorate the movement of Women’s rights, and a moment to reflect on all the powerful and diverse women in our lives (and role models). We really have come so far as a global community thanks to all the women championing equal rights throughout the decades. There’s still a way to go, but we are edging closer.

Lastly, another celebration of love and life, Mothering Sunday, coming up this week, Sunday March 26th. A day to show your ma, grandmother or significant female in your life how thankful you are that she’s in it.

Since my blog first began, I have lost count of the emails that come in requesting for me to write about a brand which seem to come in by the shedload around notable celebrations like Easter, Father's day, Mother's Day etc. The large majority I have to decline, either it’s not the right fit for my blog, I’m not a fan of the brand or it’s that simply time isn’t on my side and I don't want to say yes to collaborations in a huge rush.

But on rare occasions, there’ll be the odd campaign that excites me, I jump at the chance to get involved...

Like a fortnight ago, when the team at Christy UK emailed me with a campaign that isn’t just all about me ­– like the rest of my blog! The team wanted to celebrate the beauty of March too, International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day and asked if they could send me and one woman in my life who I wanted to thank for all she’s given me, a gift to pamper ourselves for the day.

I told the first lady who came to mind, Mama McGee, and asked if she wanted to join me for a day of chilling, courtesy of Christy UK and she said “Sign me up, just don’t go taking any photos of me!” You’d never guess I was her daughter. For every 1,000 photos of me that exist, there’s just one of my mum!

Christy sent us a set of luxurious, personalised bathroom robes, a bottle of champagne, and some flowers which I gave to my mum and in return, they asked me to pause and reflect on the wonderful gifts emotionally and physically, my ma has given me through the years.

She has given me so much in my life it’s hard to fit it all in one post. So for now I’ll share just one thing in particular which has been so impactful on my every day.

One of the best gifts my mother has ever given me is the daily feeling of immense gratitude and with this positivity and happiness in my life every single day.

My ma is one of the most grateful people I have ever met, a lot of which I think has rubbed off on us her 4 children, although I doubt any of us have mastered gratitude quite like her. In the hardest of times, mum sees the positive side and expresses how grateful we should all be to have our health, each other, and a roof over our heads. "Your health is your wealth" she always says!

It was such a joy to share this little box of goodies from Christy UK with her, and to give her a special mention on my blog prior to Monther's day especially since (secondary to Neil of course) she plays an integral part of my behind the scenes planning and inspiration for posts. I don't know who I would be without her. 

Thank you, Mama McGee.

You can visit the Christy UK website for inspiration on Mother’s Day gifts. I’m wearing their Supreme Velour Robe in White and mum was gifted the Berry version (unpictured). They have an amazing selection of Bathroom gifts over on their website. Enjoy.

 In collaboration with Christy UK. Photographs all by Neil W Shaw Photography, Styled by me.